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Guildford, Home Counties Employment Information

Guildford Overview Guildford is one of the most prosperous urban centres in the south of England. According to the ...

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Guildford Overview

Guildford is one of the most prosperous urban centres in the south of England. According to the Financial Times, Guildford ranks 28th in a list of 408 local authorities in terms of economic productivity. Residents enjoy an above-average quality of life, as Guildford made it to the top ten best places to live in the UK. This Surrey town employs more than 71,000 people and has a diverse industry base. In addition, Guildford is conveniently located 27 miles west of London, which makes it an attractive base for businesses looking for a central location with lower real estate prices. Business owners who choose Guildford as their base benefit from top-class facilities in business parks and from affordable Class A floorspace. The town is also home to a leading research park, where more than 120 firms are based, and constant infrastructure improvements are taking place.

Guildford Job Opportunities

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the number of jobs available in high-value industries in Guildford. The town is now an established hotspot for companies in the creative sector, bioscience, engineering, research and development, software development, pharmaceuticals, and advanced manufacturing industries. There are also job opportunities in finance, hospitality, tourism, distribution, and healthcare. Key employers in Guildford include Sanofi Aventis, Colgate Palmolive, Ericsson, Lionhead Studios, Allianz Insurance, and Avaya UK.

Guildford Employment Trends

According to the 2015 UK Vitality Index, Guildford's economy is set to outperform every other city in the country outside of London. The report highlighted the town's potential in terms of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and productivity. Economic expansion is likely to lead to job creation. The key priorities of Guildford Borough's economic strategy for the next two decades are keeping unemployment levels low and expanding its most valuable industry sectors. According to the report, the areas more likely to generate employment in the near future include oil and gas, leisure and tourism, finance, tourism, and commercial services.

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