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Fleetwood, North West Employment Information

Fleetwood Overview A traditional coastal town in Lancashire, much of the economy in Fleetwood continues to revolve ...

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Fleetwood Overview

A traditional coastal town in Lancashire, much of the economy in Fleetwood continues to revolve around tourism jobs. Its once proud fishing and fish processing industries are now a shadow of their former selves. Fewer than a thousand people are employed in fishing related work, which reflects a decline of several thousand since the 1970s. Indeed, a government report published in 2006 stated that there was a long-term downward trend in many of the sectors of the economy Fleetwood had once operated in. The average household income is less than the national average and lower than Lancashire as a whole. This is reflected in the lower housing prices to be found for both rented and owner-occupied accommodation.

Fleetwood Job Opportunities

With few jobs in Fleetwood being in the fishing industry nowadays, many people in the town find work in tourism, retail and leisure. Fleetwood jobs in tourism tend to be located towards the waterfront where a substantial redevelopment has been worked out with the cooperation of the European Union. The largest sole employer in the town is Lofthouse's of Fleetwood, Ltd, a company well-known all over the world for its Fisherman's Friend lozenges. Catering jobs in the hotels and seafront restaurants and cafés around Fleetwood are available, but many tend to be seasonal with summer being the best time of year to land a job. There are also job opportunities to be found in Fleetwood's care sector.

Fleetwood Employment Trends

Since the decline in the areas of the economy Fleetwood had been famous for in the last century, jobs in Fleetwood have been hard to come by, certainly when compared to many parts of the UK. Having said that, the rise of Fleetwood as a tourist destination has led to more people being employed in that industry, or those which support it. The most buoyant areas of the job market tend to revolve around catering, hotel work and administration, with retail jobs also increasing in number. Since the closure of the Hillhouse chemical works in the town, few opportunities for work in heavy industry have come about, although some light industrial and mechanical opportunities do arise.

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