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Downpatrick, Northern Ireland Employment Information

Downpatrick Overview Downpatrick is a medium-sized town in Northern Ireland, approximately 30 km south of Belfast, ...

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Downpatrick, Northern Ireland
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Downpatrick Overview

Downpatrick is a medium-sized town in Northern Ireland, approximately 30 km south of Belfast, which is an easily commutable distance. It is an ancient town, rich in history and architecture. A cathedral, believed by many to be the final resting place of Saint Patrick, is the major landmark of the town; sitting on one of the Lecale's many drumlins, it overlooks the tightly winding streets below. The 2011 census recorded the town as having a population of just over 10,000. Downpatrick is an attractive town, where people enjoy a good standard of living.

Downpatrick Job Opportunities

Downpatrick is a town with great potential in terms of employment, particularly in public administration, as it is the county town of Derry. This makes it the cultural, recreational and administrative centre, with not only many administrative and training jobs, but also countless retail jobs. It’s the point of focus for the many surrounding villages, so tourism is a major area of employment. People visit the town because of its proximity to many historic and cultural attractions, such as Ballynoe Stone Circle, Downpatrick Racecourse and Struell Wells, a collection of four holy wells that are still believed by many to have healing properties. The Lecale peninsula has been designated as an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. These attractions mean that jobs in the hotel and catering sector are prevalent, and there are always construction jobs on offer from businesses trying to open shop here. There is also a newly-built, state-of-the-art hospital, which ensures that various types of healthcare jobs are on offer in Downpatrick throughout the year. Downpatrick also has a good number of schools for a town of its size.

Downpatrick Employment Trends

Downpatrick has an ageing population, so vacancies for jobs in Downpatrick’s care homes and hospitals are likely to increase in the future. The importance of tourism to the town's economy has been widely recognised, and subsequently received significant investment in the last decade, and this is also likely to continue to be an area of growth. Jobs in Downpatrick are predicted to increase, particularly in the construction industry with the recent Downpatrick Housing Plan.

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