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Downham Market, Anglia Employment Information

Downham Market Overview One of the oldest Norfolk towns, Downham Market is slowly shedding away its quiet market town ...

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Downham Market Overview

One of the oldest Norfolk towns, Downham Market is slowly shedding away its quiet market town feel and turning into a bustling place with the restaurants, supermarkets and cafes now lining the streets. The Gingerbread Town is marked by striking architecture and structures made from carrstone. With the Fen Rivers ways, the town provides a lot to do in terms of water sports. The housing market comes in the form of Victorian and 18th-century homes with terraced homes going for £100,000-£175,000, large detached ones for £300,000-£550,000, Semis, £120,000-£220,000 and Detached averaging £150,000-£300,000 as of 2013. Downham is well connected, making commuting easy for individuals with jobs in Downham market. The town is 90 minutes to London by rail, 35 to Cambridge and 20 to Ely. Then there is the A1 (M) that reaches Hunstanton in an hour while Norwich is only an hour’s drive away.

Downham Market Job Opportunities

The Gingerbread Town offers a lot in the way of attractions, making it a favourite stop for tourists looking for countryside visits. With its fair share of history and heritage, the hospitality industry is a big source of hotel jobs. As more people discover what used to be a hidden gem in Norfolk, the town is providing more employment opportunities for event jobs. The sports facilities available in the town that range from golf courses to taekwondo clubs also provide work for professionals in the sports sector.

Downham Market Employment Trends

Downham has been praised for having affordable house prices, especially with other regions hiking theirs. One reason for that is the Fen, which has managed to keep house prices down. The history of the place and well-developed transport links has contributed a great deal to the popularity of the town. Besides the hospitality industry, the Fen waterway also provides jobs in Downham Market such as fishing. The town's growth is characterised by the development of the retail industry with shops complementing the market. Education is well represented with about four primary schools in the region and Downham Market High, which provide a significant number of education jobs Downham Market.

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