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Dorchester, South West Employment Information

Dorchester Overview Dorchester is the County Town of Dorset and has been the county's administrative centre for ...

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Dorchester Overview

Dorchester is the County Town of Dorset and has been the county's administrative centre for hundreds of years. Despite the town's relatively small size, it punches well above its weight in terms of employment opportunities. Dorchester is a historic market town that boasts a Roman Townhouse, remains of the Roman boundary walls that once encircled the town, and many other ancient sites of interest. Dorchester is a pleasant place to live, with many attractive buildings and a bustling town centre with interesting boutiques and restaurants.

Dorchester Job Opportunities

There are many different jobs in Dorchester. It is the home of Dorset County Council, which is a major employer, suitable for people looking for administration jobs. There are many offices, shops and several large supermarkets. There are also six medium-sized industrial estates offering jobs in many light industries, such as car sales, cereal manufacture and joinery. Dorchester is also the home of Dorset County Hospital, one of the largest in the county, so is a good place to search for healthcare jobs. Dorchester has three primary schools, two middle schools and one large senior school, offering opportunities to work with children either as a teacher or as support or office staff. There are also many opportunities for care workers, as there are a number of retirement homes in Dorchester.

Dorchester Employment Trends

17,500 people were recorded as working in Dorchester in 2012, with just over half in full-time employment. 57 percent of jobs were in public administration, the health service and education. Employment opportunities are likely to improve in the future due to a number of initiatives. The Brewery Square Development of 2008 has been a success with many successful businesses settling there. Plans are afoot to redevelop the Dorchester South railway station and make it the first solar-powered station in the UK. Dorchester is a well-connected and thriving town that has a lot of opportunities for any job-seeker.

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