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Darlington, Tyne-Tees Employment Information

Darlington Overview Darlington is a town in North East England on the River Skerne. From the 1820s to the 1960s, the ...

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Darlington, Tyne-Tees
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Darlington Overview

Darlington is a town in North East England on the River Skerne. From the 1820s to the 1960s, the town was an important centre for railway manufacturing. Darlington is also known for its bridge making. The Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company and AMEC are headquartered in town.

Gross weekly earnings in Darlington are lower than the averages for County Durham, North East England, and the United Kingdom as a whole. However, the average home price is lower as well, at £100,032. The average sold price for a home in County Durham is £132,111 and the average in North East England is £171,661.

Darlington Job Opportunities

Darlington's strong manufacturing history continues to provide jobs today, with large employers like Cummins based in the town. In more recent years, Darlington's economy has diversified greatly. Emerging sectors include advanced engineering, logistics, sub-sea technology, biotechnology, digital technology, and tele health. The town boasts a supportive business environment with strong networks that make it easy for companies to forge strong local links and provide jobs in Darlington. The town also supports an active voluntary and community sector with approximately 500 such organisations.

Darlington Employment Trends

Darlington is poised for major growth in the coming years. The town's business strategy for 2012 to 2026 includes:

  • The Argos District development at Faverdale for growth in the logistics industry
  • A mixed community Central Park spanning 75 hectares
  • Ongoing investments in Rockliffe Hall to create a premiere hotel resort

In the first quarter of 2014, Darlington had the strongest economy in North East England. This was the only town in the North East with growth that was better than the UK average. Business development continues to be a major priority in Darlington, making this a prime destination both for job seekers and for entrepreneurs looking for a new home for their business endeavour.

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