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Cumbernauld, Scotland Employment Information

Cumbernauld Overview Cumbernauld in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, is a new town created about 60 years ago, to ...

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Cumbernauld Overview

Cumbernauld in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, is a new town created about 60 years ago, to accommodate the growing population of Glasgow. Residential infrastructure is well-planned and of good quality, including large detached homes set in lush background and over 2000 homes developed during the last decade. The Town Centre is a shopping and retail hub that also houses a leisure centre, and is a structure of aesthetic importance. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Falkirk, Motherwell, St. Andrews, Dunfermline and Dunblane are all accessible by either trains or buses. The local airport is mainly used as a training and maintenance facility, but is open to passenger flights. Schools, churches, retail outlets and other basic facilities are available in North Lanarkshire's largest town.

Cumbernauld Job Opportunities

Industrial ventures in electronic, technology and chemicals are mainly responsible for the existing jobs in Cumbernauld. There are also opportunities for food technologist jobs in Cumbernauld. The UK headquarters of OKI is located in Wardpark. Yaskawa Electric Corporation has a presence in town, which is also home to the global HQ of A.G Barr, a Scottish soft-drink manufacturer. In addition, the Cumberland Tax Centre for HMRC, reportedly the biggest employer in town, is a major contributor to the local economy. ASDA and Tesco supermarkets here also hire people when the need arises.

Cumbernauld Employment Trends

With Scotland rejecting independence from the UK, tax jobs in Cumbernauld will continue to support the economy. About 170 tax jobs promised last year were in place. Job seekers interested in supervisory roles, apprenticeships can check for opportunities at the local retail and IT firms. The A.G Barr offers supply chain, IT, business intelligence, sales and international marketing jobs . Vacancies in field and office-based jobs are posted based on requirements.

Cumbernauld, basically a lush rural terrain, has today evolved into a modern town replete with contemporary infrastructure. A neat blend of historical and modern structures and settings, the town, home to industrial estates in the neighbourhood, offers ample opportunities for those interested in living and working here.

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