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Coventry, Midlands Employment Information

Considering that it is an industrialized center of the UK's economy, the cost of living is relatively low in the West ...

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Coventry, Midlands
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Considering that it is an industrialized center of the UK's economy, the cost of living is relatively low in the West Midlands city of Coventry. Enjoying good communications to the rest of the UK – largely because it is so centrally positioned – Coventry is a cheaper place to buy property than the south of England or many locations in nearby Birmingham, despite the good employment opportunities on offer in the city. According to a citywide housing survey, average house prices were under £200,000 as of October 2017. A centre of manufacturing excellence and engineering innovation, Coventry's industrial jobs are not merely for manual workers but also highly skilled assembly technicians and engineers.

Coventry Job Opportunities

Alongside manufacturing jobs in Coventry in the car industry – the sector with which Coventry shares a rich heritage – there are many lecturer opportunities in the area. Coventry has two major seats of education: Coventry University in the city centre and the University of Warwick in the suburbs. The latter has a world-class science park where many groundbreaking discoveries have been made. The city also offers a significant amount of utilities jobs. Severn Trent Water and First Utility are both well-known employers with large workforces in the city. In addition, Coventry boasts a thriving retail sector, with plenty of top shops operating in the city centre. Supermarket chains also bring significant employment opportunities to the city.

Coventry Employment Trends

Owned by Tata Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, one of Coventry's principal manufacturing hubs, continues to employ a wide range of people in the city. Designers, engineers, production operatives and administrators are all taken on regularly by this single employer, which remains secure in the competitive car-making sector. Due to the large numbers of skilled workers in the city, other manufacturing businesses tend to congregate there, such as Parkhill International and Mortex Enterprises, to name but two. Financial services companies have been up and coming in recent decades in Coventry, as well. Recent labour market statistics show that the proportion of the city's employed inhabitants is slightly greater than the national average, at 75.1 percent, reflecting the availability of jobs in Coventry.

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