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Colchester Overview Colchester is a barracks town, but even people outside the military will find a reason to fall in ...

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Colchester, Home Counties
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Colchester, Home Counties
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Colchester, Home Counties
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Colchester Overview

Colchester is a barracks town, but even people outside the military will find a reason to fall in love with this Essex city. Its historic buildings stand proudly alongside more modern features like the Firstsite gallery, designed by Rafael Violy and St Botolph's Quarter. With two train stations, Colchester residents enjoy easy access to Clacton, Frinton, and London, as well as Chelmsford, which is only a 25-minute train ride away and the nearest large city. This short train ride, however, makes a big difference when it comes to the cost of living. Rents in Colchester are roughly 29 percent less than in Chelmsford, and it costs around 34 percent less to eat out at local restaurants.

Colchester Job Opportunities

Colchester Garrison has been an important military base since the time of the Roman Empire, and while the physical barracks have changed, Colchester's significance as a military centre hasn't. The new base, which is a little closer to the town centre, is home to the British Army's 16 Air Assault Brigade. It provides jobs in Colchester for military personnel as well as supporting units working in engineering, signals, medical, and logistics.

The developments of the Colchester Business Park and Park Lane Business Centre have brought more jobs in accountancy, health, legal services, building surveyance, and more to the town.

Colchester Employment Trends

The eastern parts of England are expected to grow faster than any other region in the United Kingdom over the next 15 years. In line with this growth, 14,000 new jobs in Colchester are expected to arise by 2021 across a range of industries. Many of these new roles will be in revamped areas of the city, including St Botolph's Quarter, the Garrison, the Hythe, and North Colchester.

A job boom in Colchester saw unemployment hit a six-year low of 1.2 percent in 2015. It's predicted that despite population growth, the unemployment rate will continue to fall as job opportunities in Colchester increase.

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