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Clydebank, Scotland Employment Information

Clydebank Overview Clydebank is an area just outside of Glasgow, within the Dunbartonshire Council. Best known for its ...

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Clydebank Overview

Clydebank is an area just outside of Glasgow, within the Dunbartonshire Council. Best known for its glory days in the shipbuilding world, Clydebank is now a diverse and thriving community with many different industries taking up residence within the area.

Clydebank is one of the more affordable areas to live in, with large numbers of people who choose to live in Clydebank working either within the many different industries in the immediate area, or commuting into nearby Glasgow. A two bedroom flat in Clydebank is around £35,000, and a two bedroom house costs around £53,000. Rentals in the area are on a similar scale, with figures ranging between £400 and £450 per calendar month.

Clydebank Job Opportunities

With the nearby Clydebank College, as well as a large number of primary and secondary schools in the area, Clydebank features a decent amount of opportunities for href="http://www.monster.co.uk/jobs/q-teacher-jobs-l-clydebank,-scotland.aspx">teacher jobs. There is also the Clydebank Shopping Centre, which provides employment for the area, with href="http://www.monster.co.uk/jobs/q-retail-jobs-l-clydebank,-scotland.aspx">retail jobs making up the largest part of the vacancies. For those interested in other types of jobs Clydebank may still be an interesting place to work, especially for those who see themselves working at the Clydebank Industrial Park, at the nearby BAE systems, or in the entertainment and leisure industries. The Clydebank Shopping Centre boasts a cinema and a large amount of restaurants and cafes.

Clydebank Employment Trends

Whilst Clydebank has always been known for its shipbuilding, primarily due to the fact that it's nestled on the Clyde, this is sadly not the region's main source of employment. Although BAE systems still holds a large base in neighbouring Scotstoun, and does employ a number of Clydebank residents, most jobs in Clydebank are in other industries.

Many Clydebank residents used to work in and around the Clydebank area, however with excellent road and rail links to nearby Glasgow, many residents now have employment within the city, clearing up the way for out-of-towners who are interested in long-term jobs in Clydebank.

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