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Cirencester, South West Employment Information

Cirencester Overview Like much of this part of Gloucestershire, jobs in Cirencester can reflect the town's position ...

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Cirencester Overview

Like much of this part of Gloucestershire, jobs in Cirencester can reflect the town's position among farmland, but the town is far from being a one trick pony in terms of employment. A number of jobs in Cirencester are in the business and financial services sector. For example, St James' Place has offices in the town where several hundred people are employed. With an annual turnover that approaches £400 million, the car manufacturer Mitsubishi, based in the town offers automotive engineering jobs, and is one the Cirencester's most important employers. The education sector is also another major source of jobs in Cirencester with a regional college and the Royal Agricultural University both being based in the town. The local council also promotes start-up businesses to keep the economy dynamic and has a so-called growth accelerator scheme which is run with key private sector partners, such as Grant Thornton and Oxford Innovation.

Cirencester Job Opportunities

Along with IT jobs, from the likes of Zycko Ltd and Hardware.com both of which are based in the town, jobs in Cirencester are also to be found in manufacturing. For example, Batten & Allen have a precision pressing plant in the town. There are a number of medical specialists in the area, including those who make orthopaedic devices. Cirencester Hospital, as a part of the local NHS Trust, is another major employer. In this part of rural Gloucestershire, there are usually opportunities for people looking for work in the leisure and hospitality industries, because it is such a popular destination for holidaymakers.

Cirencester Employment Trends

Of the many smaller businesses that have popped up in Cirencester in recent years, many have begun on the Love Lane Industrial Estates. Many jobs in Cirencester are undertaken in this estate which now encompasses diverse sectors with retail jobs, jobs in engineering, fabrication and the creative industries. In recent times, many of the jobs in Cirencester which have been created, have been reliant on modern technologies to reach global markets, meaning that there is an increasing demand for language skills and IT personnel.

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