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Cardiff, Wales Employment Information

Measured across a wide sample of food, restaurant and leisure prices, in addition to property rental and purchase ...

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Cardiff, Wales
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Cardiff, Wales
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Measured across a wide sample of food, restaurant and leisure prices, in addition to property rental and purchase costs, the cost of living in Cardiff is slightly lower than in Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester, according to MoneySuperMarket. In contrast, fresh groceries may be more costly. Nonetheless, overall local purchasing power compared to salaries is between 2 and 3 percent higher than in the West Midlands. In Cardiff, jobs in traditional industries such as coal mining and steel manufacturing have largely given way to science, technology and service industries.

Cardiff Job Opportunities

The 10th largest city in Britain and home to the Welsh assembly, some of the main employment opportunities in Cardiff are for:

As well as finance jobs in Cardiff, the capital is a base for the Welsh media. There are opportunities at BBC Wales, ITV Wales and S4C main TV and radio studios; employment in the media sector has grown over recent years to provide employment for around 2.1 percent of the workforce, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Cardiff Employment Trends

Statistics from gov.wales show that the unemployment rate is around 4.0 percent, marginally less than the UK average and down 0.3 percentage points on the year to March 2017. Although some limited production and processing work remains in the formerly widespread coal and steel industries, it is now the retail and other sectors that dominate vacancies boards. Sales jobs in Cardiff account for a large proportion of economic activity; thanks to some innovative regeneration projects, Cardiff is now one of the top 10 city destinations and places to shop in the UK. A growing number of international visitors are attracted to the historic city by its glorious architecture, proximity to the coast and cultural offerings, as well as the Millennium Sporting Stadium. Significant infrastructure growth has brought about niche IT jobs in Cardiff, including a focus on value-added production.

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