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Cambridge, Anglia Employment Information

Cambridge Overview Cambridge's reputation for education is known around the world. The city is home to Cambridge ...

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Cambridge Overview

Cambridge's reputation for education is known around the world. The city is home to Cambridge University, an institutuion consistently ranked in the world's top five universities. Twice the national average percentage of the workforce have a bachelor's or advanced degree, making competition fierce amongst educated workers. However, new companies, especially tech and bioscience companies, are constantly starting up thanks to university graduates.

If you want to be part of innovations on the cutting edge of technology, Cambridge is an excellent place to start your job search. The cost of living in Cambridge is relatively cheap, with housing averaging about half the cost of housing in London. Combine that with comparable average salaries in both cities, and Cambridge starts to look like a fantastic option for job seekers.

Cambridge Job Opportunities

Jobs in Cambridge are mostly available to experienced professionals with a lot of education behind them. Engineering, research and development, consultancy, and pharmaceuticals are among its most productive industries. The spread of tech jobs throughout Cambridge has earned the city the nickname Silicon Fen. Many of these tech jobs are available through university research centres like Cambridge Science Park (owned by Trinity College) and St. John's Innovation Centre. Others are at private companies like Jagex, CSR, Abcam and Microsoft's UK research offices.

Technology jobs aren't the only jobs in Cambridge. The city also has a strong tourism industry and supports creative arts like literature, theatre, film, music, and contemporary art. If you're an experienced educator or administrator, you can apply to work at one of the many schools in the city.

Cambridge Employment Trends

Cambridge has a rate of unemployment that's close to the national average, but jobs are steadily being added. Average wages are higher in Cambridge than the surrounding area, but so are housing costs. Another haven for skilled workers nearby with lower unemployment and cheaper housing costs is South Cambridgeshire.

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