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Bristol, South West Employment Information

With a population of more than 450,000 people, Bristol is the biggest city in the South West of England and is known ...

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Bristol, South West
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With a population of more than 450,000 people, Bristol is the biggest city in the South West of England and is known for having an active job market, characterised by low unemployment rates and salaries that are above the national average. The city is also known for its reasonable cost of living, which makes it a popular location among jobseekers at all stages of their careers. Living in Bristol can be more than 30 percent cheaper than living in London, and a recent MoneySuperMarket report listed Bristol among the UK’s top 10 best cities to live in, ranking high in areas like affordability of housing, disposable income, and overall life satisfaction.

Bristol Job Opportunities

For several years, Bristol has been considered an established hub for mechanical engineering, the creative and digital sector, aerospace, retail, and financial services. This means there is no shortage of jobs in Bristol in these fields, and particularly when it comes to highly skilled or specialised roles. However, there are still skill gaps in areas like healthcare, construction, and engineering. Construction jobs in Bristol are readily available given the real estate boom evident throughout the city. Similarly, applicants can look for design jobs in Bristol given the city’s reputation as one of the most dynamic creative clusters in the United Kingdom. Lastly, due to the ever-growing cultural and leisure offer, there are opportunities for employment in a variety of hospitality jobs in Bristol.

Bristol Employment Trends

The overall number of jobs in Bristol is expected to keep increasing in the near future. A 2017 study published in Business Matters Magazine revealed that Bristol is among the top 5 UK cities with the highest levels of job growth, and when year-on-year data were compared, there was evidence of consistent salary increases too. Data published in the Bristol Economic Briefing for 2017 also suggest that the city will continue to be a popular destination for job seekers with credentials and experience in the professional and business services sector, logistics, transportation, and technology.

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