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Blackburn, North West Employment Information

Blackburn Overview Situated in Lancashire, England, Blackburn is a large town near the greater Manchester border. ...

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Blackburn, North West
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Blackburn Overview

Situated in Lancashire, England, Blackburn is a large town near the greater Manchester border. Thanks to several massive financial investments in the town centre, Blackburn features many shops, restaurants, and shopping destinations that make it more attractive to residents and visitors alike. These establishments also create jobs in Blackburn and boost the area's economy. Due to a rehabilitated railway station in the town centre, it's easy for people to travel around the area, whether for work or leisure. The cost of living in Blackburn is much lower compared to other places, such as London. That's especially true for things like housing rentals and the cost of dining in restaurants.

Blackburn Job Opportunities

Professional occupations are generally readily available for people seeking jobs in Blackburn. However, the labour market is diverse, and sectors including management, administration, sales, and customer service are also strong. Most of the residents in Blackburn have GCSE level education. That means having any further or higher education can increase your chances of success in the labour market. Overall, weekly wages earned in Blackburn are higher than in other parts of the region. This is good news if you are looking for jobs in Blackburn and want to enjoy a good standard of living and comfortable income.

Blackburn Employment Trends

The number of employed people in Blackburn is lower than in the northwest region and Great Britain. That also means the unemployment rate is higher. However, compared to past years, there is an upward trend in employment possibilities. Motorway improvements have also made it simpler and more efficient for people to work in Blackburn, even if they live in surrounding areas. An economic assessment revealed there is a consistent shortage of skilled workers with high educational qualifications. If you meet those requirements, you will probably be able to find a good job in Blackburn quicker than an average jobseeker.

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