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Belper, Midlands Employment Information

Belper Overview Belper is a small rural market town in the Amber Valley district of Derbyshire with a population of ...

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Belper Overview

Belper is a small rural market town in the Amber Valley district of Derbyshire with a population of approximately 22,000. It was one of the first towns to be industrialised in the early years of the Industrial Revolution. It once had several large textile mills, valuable sources of Belper jobs. The town's past is now its heritage, as it is part of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, which attracts many tourists to the area each year. Belper is considered an 'up and coming area' - King Street won the 2014 British High Street of the Year Award and has many independent shops. The town is a pleasant place to live, not least because of the excellent local amenities, such as the two large free car parks, which are very convenient for shopping in the town. Property prices are higher than other similar areas. Research shows that areas in close proximity to World Heritage Sites can command an asking price of nearly 30 percent more than the average UK household. Nevertheless, Belper is an attractive town. With the expected annual price increases, investing in Belper property could be a sensible decision.

Belper Job Opportunities

There are many opportunities for retail, as there are several large supermarkets and small shops. The town's industrial and manufacturing past has declined, although there are still some light manufacturing sites on the outskirts of the town. Manufacturing jobs are still available throughout the year. Restaurant and bar work are also plentiful in the town centre, offering many seasonal jobs in Belper. Customer service jobs are the other main source of professional opportunity in Belper. The service industry involves work related to the area's tourism, plumbing, computer services and accounting.

Belper Employment Trends

Belper's 2.2 percent rate of unemployment is much than the national average of 3.7 percent. This suggests that the area has a thriving economy, and that finding jobs in Belper is highly possible. Residents of the Belper benefit from the town's central Derbyshire location and good public transport links, which make it easily commutable to other large towns.

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