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Bedford, Home Counties Employment Information

Bedford Overview With London only 45 minutes away by train, Bedford is a popular town for commuters that want to avoid ...

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Warehouse Operative

Bedford, Home Counties
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Bedford Overview

With London only 45 minutes away by train, Bedford is a popular town for commuters that want to avoid London's crowds and high cost of living. Jobs in Bedford don't offer as much of an opportunity when compared to the big city, but the cost of living is definitely cheaper. Bedford is also a bit of a melting pot when it comes to ethnicities. It's home to many people of Italian, Eastern European, and Asian descent.

A beautiful walking city, Bedford is home to the Embankment, a trail along the River Ouse that winds its way through parks and across stunning bridges, giving you access to the shops and restaurants of the city centre. Bedford is a cosy town that has plenty of job opportunities to offer.

Bedford Job Opportunities

The top job providers in Bedford, like ASDA, Argos, Unilever, and Movianto, offer jobs in everything from retail to high finance. Areas where Bedford has strong employment include finance, food and drink, manufacturing, and especially business services. Basic and advanced business service jobs in Bedford, along with those in finance, are the most highly productive when compared to other growth sectors. Bedford exceeds the national average growth in sectors like electronics, drinks, automotive, and advanced manufacturing.

Bedford has a higher concentration of R&D professionals than the national average, most of them working out of Colworth Science Park. The food sector has expanded thanks to a Lantmannen Unibake factory being built, providing over 200 jobs.

Bedford Employment Trends

Bedford doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to employment. Its unemployment rate is generally higher than nearby boroughs, especially in certain areas where deprivation is concentrated. Another area where Bedford falls a little short is available office and retail space. However, there is a lot of land available for an entrepreneur to build on and create new businesses. Bedford is in need of enterprising and skilled workers who can set themselves apart from other applicants.

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