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Ashford, Home Counties Employment Information

Ashford Overview Originally a market town, for more than 400 years Ashford has been steadily evolving into a ...

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Ashford Overview

Originally a market town, for more than 400 years Ashford has been steadily evolving into a communication hub. Centuries after its establishment, Ashford has turned into a booming and bustling city thanks to its excellent location. The traditional backdrop still remains in the town's 13th century structures, however, with the St. Mary’s church in the town centre being a fine example.

Ashford’s commercial importance was noted as far back as the 1960s when it became a key area for population development due to the foreseeable over-spill from London. The number of industries, business and retail parks has only grown since then, leading to Ashford Borough Council predicting a gain of 620 jobs per year in 2012.

Ashford Job Opportunities

Ashford now contains Waterbrook Park and Eureka Science Park, which house the majority of the area’s manufacturing sites and office complexes. Thus, the manufacturing industry has a long history in Ashford and is still going strong, meaning manufacturing jobs and engineering jobs in Ashford's manufacturing plants are both well-reputed and abundant.

Development of the town has been ongoing, with new urban areas like Repton Park, Park Farm, Singleton and Chilmington along with additional schools and supermarkets being built only recently. The increase in housing has led to an increase in property sector jobs in Ashford, including jobs as housing officers and as site managers.

Ashford Employment Trends

There is no doubt that Ashford has had significant growth over the past few years and will continue to do so in the future. The Ashford government and town council have major plans for Ashford's future. Some of the major projects include the County Square Shopping Centre, which boasts up to 60 stores, and the Ashford Designer Outlet, a major shopping centre with 120 designer brands and 3 million customers a year. These have brought in hundreds of jobs across a wide variety of industries, and with a number of projects currently in the works, Ashford has a promising future ahead of it.

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