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Arbroath, Scotland Employment Information

Arbroath Overview With a population of 25,000 people, Arbroath lays on the North Sea coast 45 miles from Aberdeen and ...

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Arbroath Overview

With a population of 25,000 people, Arbroath lays on the North Sea coast 45 miles from Aberdeen and 16 miles from Dundee. With its busy fishing port, a number of jobs in Arbroath continue to be based around the fishing industry, although the majority are to be found in the ancillary trades.

While the A92 provides good road links to other parts of Scotland both north and south, public bus services within the Arbroath area can only be termed adequate. By contrast, the one railway station provides links across Scotland, with intercity services down to the major English cities of Newcastle, York, Birmingham and London. The nearest regional airport is at Dundee.

Educational facilities are good and varied with 11 primary schools, two secondary modern schools, and one college of further education. For those wishing to continue studies at university there are four all within an hour’s drive of Arbroath: Dundee, Abertay Dundee, St Andrews, and Aberdeen. The cost of living and house prices in the area are on a par with the national average.

Arbroath Job Opportunities

A range of industries drive the Arbroath economy. While the fishing industry provides a limited number of vacancies, the ancillary trades of fish processing and packing, and smoking the famous ‘Arbroath Smokie’ offer employment opportunities within the industry. Ancillary companies of the oil and gas industry provide employment through a number of manufacturing and maintenance companies in the Arbroath area. Production and maintenance engineering jobs, administration jobs, and private healthcare jobs are available for those seeking employment in Arbroath.

With a steady influx of tourists throughout the season, a certain amount of part-time and seasonal work is also available, as are positions in the retail sector.

Arbroath Employment Trends

The fishing, oil and gas industries are well established in Arbroath and will continue providing job opportunities into the future. The industrial estates and Arbroath Enterprise Park have received considerable investment from the North Sea oil industry and continues to attract small light engineering businesses associated to the oil business. The Angus Business Centre based at Angus College offers excellent vocational courses for a number of different industries, helping to ensure local talent stays within the area.

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