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Alfreton, Midlands Employment Information

Alfreton Overview Believed to have been founded by King Alfred, Alfreton town in Amber Valley, Derbyshire, has ...

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Alfreton Overview

Believed to have been founded by King Alfred, Alfreton town in Amber Valley, Derbyshire, has historically also spanned the villages of Swanwick, Somercotes, Riddings and Ironville. This erstwhile coal-mining town, was once centred on ironworks, brick-making and agriculture. It currently relies on its service industry, as well as retail and light manufacturing, to power up its economy. The road networks across the A38 and A61 around Alfreton are quite busy. The Alfreton railway station ensures rail connectivity with Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Norwich and London. Educational needs are addressed by a couple of infant schools, a junior school and a secondary school, Alfreton Grange Arts College. Home to the Air Training Corps Alfreton and Ripley Squadron, this town also has several sports clubs and a leisure centre. As of last year, property prices in the town average about £145,841.

Alfreton Job Opportunities

Jobs in Alfreton are mainly centred on the service industry – spanning healthcare, leisure, education and other sectors. Chain stores, including a large Tesco outlet, and independent shops are major sources of retail jobs. Banks, building societies, pubs and restaurants in the town also present a few job opportunities, and seasonal jobs in Alfreton are easy to find, especially in agriculture. The £200m+ Thornton's Confectionery functions from the Thornton Park. Over 1,000 people are employed at the local factory during peak demands.

Alfreton Employment Trends

Retail, warehousing, light industry and service sectors are active in Alfreton, as well as agriculture, which is still prevalent. Employment opportunities are mainly present in the service industry. The Derbyshire County Council’s proposal to close 32 children centres is likely to result in a loss of over 116 jobs. However, 19 of the centres, including the one in Alfreton, will continue to function. Banking, healthcare, sales, marketing, and administration jobs are available at the local establishments. Also, there are several vacancies for semi-skilled positions and blue-collar jobs Alfreton can offer in town or at the industrial firms nearby.

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