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This is an amazing opportunity for someone who loves the strategy & design element of creating websites.You will be the head website designer for all our website projects – this includes everything from simple transfer projects to full custom builds.

We're a remote, worldwide agency providing outsourced marketing for accounting firms, so this role is your opportunity to show by example what a good website is and how it is built to draw in the highest quality leads for each client.

The successful new team member will live by our four pillars (creativity, integrity, generosity, and rest); and will fit our internal values (positivity, graciousness, collaboration, transparency, opinion, and responsibility). At PF, we live and die by these values: we hire and fire by them. Our 7-stage hiring process has been constructed to help find the person who will fit with this team and love helping accountants become better marketers.


What’s in it for you

Remote based role - work from wherever you want as long as you have internet!

All things websites, Wordpress, SEO, integration, and apps

An amazing team to support you: people who love what they do, love this company, and care for each other!

Training in all areas of marketing which affect websites (content, branding, social, and more)

Do the things you love best, and see the results of your efforts

A place where you can be human and not boring. Not a job as much as a place where you can be yourself

What our team says about PF: 

"Employees are treated as partners and people, not as a commodity" (Kier)

"There are benefits you would think about like flexibility and remote working, but more benefits in terms of the team element- sharing the numbers, how the business is working, successes as a team" (Camilla)

"Psychological safety - it's not about me telling you it's a safe place: it's about you feeling it is" (KLR)

"Team are not staff, not employees" (Chryzia)

"I can say something and it’s going to be listened to and it will be taken seriously (Kier) 

"Lack of hierarchy - there is one, but it doesn't feel like it, not like corporate. My opinion is valued, and I'm told 'we like that idea, let’s use that.'" (Ashlea)

"You can actually talk to the boss - everyone's on the same level of importance - an important part of the team" (Kendall, Chryzia)

"A lot of laughter and banter" (everyone)

"I was on a zoom call last week. One friend: so how’s work, Kendall? All others in unison: “she loves it” “they can’t stop selling” “PF is amazing” “don’t get her started!” (Kendall)

"I get to be myself and build my marketing skills in the areas I'm passionate about, like branding. I wouldn't work anywhere else." (Jamie)

"This is dream job stuff - I wanted good work I enjoyed with clients who didn't make life difficult, and I wanted to be better at design. I get all this at PF." (Katie)

Who you need to be:

Strategically minded: You don’t simply build what the designers provide – you think about things from a buyer’s perspective and how websites work

WordPress expert: You know WordPress, in and out, and you’ve got years of experience with it

Self starter: You’re motivated by the work you do, not an office or other people

Deadline master: You know how to work to deadline and will honour your team’s time and planning

Willing to teach: You’re confident in your understanding of how websites work, and can explain to clients (who may not be as familiar with your terminology) why we’re building it in this way

Patience: You understand not everyone knows what you do. You can talk in plain English, not tech-speak

You’re comfortable with video – presenting, recording, introducing webinars, announcing things

Experience working on a remote basis (you have to know you like it)

Bonus points for: 

App development skills

This may be you:

It’s very likely you’ll have been working on your own for a while, and are a little weary of all the hard work that goes into finding clients (and really good ones, not difficult ones), issuing invoices, dealing with admin, the ups and downs of getting paid and not getting paid, and being on your own. You’d like a strong creative team who will support you and listen to you, and you’d like the freedom of being able to switch off sometimes. And know that ultimately it doesn’t all fall on your shoulders.

What you will be doing:

Design websites. We work exclusively with accountants, so you get to craft beautiful new websites for people whose site is ugly, tired, broken, boring, or nonexistent.

See the whole picture. You’re the website developer, but you’re involved in the project from “I might want a new site” to “Oh my word I love it!” – and beyond. (Most of our clients move to a website maintenance retainer with us, once the site is built.)

WordPress work. We only build our clients’ websites on WordPress now, so you must know it inside and out.

Problem solving. If something isn’t working on a client’s website, you’ll figure out why, and what needs fixed, and will be able to fix it

Management and maintenance. Plugins and integrations and apps and updating pages and SEO and fixing anything that’s broken

Work with a team. You’re not on your own: you’ll have designers and content writers and Client Marketing Managers (CMMs) and an entire team to support you and throw around ideas and discuss what works and doesn’t.

About PF

We're a remote creative agency with team members and clients all over the world. We serve accountants exclusively, and have developed the "PF Way" to help accountants get better at marketing through training and outsourced marketing (or coaching & support for those doing it themselves).

How to apply (please read this):

Within your application, include a 3 minute introductory video (or you can send the link to

). This is the first stage of our 7 stage hiring process, and applications will only be considered when the 3 minute introductory video is included. We explain why (and answer other hiring questions) in our hiring FAQs here.

Thank you! We're excited to meet you!!

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