Senior Growth Marketing Manager


London, England, United Kingdom, ENG

London, England, United Kingdom, ENG, UK
London, England, United Kingdom, ENG
30+ days ago

Intro to Growth Marketing

The Growth Marketing team’s mission is to lead the business towards high-growth opportunities that are efficient and scalable.

We take a hypothesis- and data-driven approach to identifying and executing marketing activities that drive significant, sustainable, high-ROI growth.

We use insights from data and research on our payers, merchants and partners to develop and test hypotheses on growth opportunities and we use our findings to develop scalable marketing strategies to acquire, retain and grow usage of GoCardless.

The Growth Marketers work hand-in-hand with Product Growth, bringing the marketing skills, viewpoint and expertise to a truly cross-functional team. This cross-functional Growth team includes engineers, developers, designers, product managers and more, all laser-focused on scalable growth of GoCardless.

The role

As Growth Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for creating and executing on projects that will drive growth.

You will source qualitative and quantitative data research, from our 60,000+ active merchants and external sources to derive insights that lead to opportunities.

This role is in a cross-functional Growth team - and it is not defined by the marketing channels that you choose, rather by the benefits you can bring to the prospective merchants and the best way to communicate those benefits.

You will be responsible for ideating, scoping and delivering market-specific scalable programs to boost merchant acquisition with the full support of designers, developers and a business setup to take this business to the next level.

Responsibilities include:

  • Being the marketing leader and marketing voice within the Product Growth team that you are deployed to
  • Driving impact on the KPIs with the team
  • Deploying a wide range of marketing techniques to help the team solve problems and achieve goals
  • Design and activate localized merchant acquisition and conversion programs in key global markets
  • Develop strategic acquisition and conversion marketing plans to drive scalable growth with focus on CAC:LTV
  • Provide recommendations and data trends/insights across channels for sales programs, product improvements, and content development
  • Contribute to a cross-functional team tasked with creating meaningful and quality experiences that acquire and convert our prospective customers
  • Provide guidance and recommendations for digital marketing channels (including social media), email and community management strategies
  • Continue to develop & optimise the Marketing Technology (MarTech) stack of relevant tools for lead generation & pipeline enablement
  • Monitor, analyse, and report on KPIs to ensure marketing initiatives are reaching revenue objectives
  • Communicating the projects and their outcomes across the business

Desired skills

  • You have a proven track record in a Growth Marketing role

  • You are a self-starter with an entrepreneurial and growth mindset

  • You are driven, analytical and results orientated

  • You are comfortable diving into data to produce informed strategic recommendations and insights (familiarity with tools like Google Analytics, Looker and Intercom preferred)

  • You have a proven ability to work effectively in cross-functional growth teams

  • You’re passionate about Growth Marketing and can draw on first-hand experiences as well as being well-read on winning Growth Marketing approaches

  • Knowledge of the fin-tech industry is a plus

  • Enthusiasm and a can-do attitude; Willing to “get in the weeds”

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