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Please properly review this job posting from beginning to end. There are specific application details and steps we would like candidates to follow as part of the Strategyzer recruitment process.

This is not a role for a consultant or coach.

Strategyzer’s success depends on its stellar people. We help leading companies around the world build new engines of growth based on our proven methodology and technology-enabled services.

We are a Swiss success story that has global impact and reach with a fully distributed team that works remotely across over 12 countries. Our team contributes directly to the unique company culture we have today and is committed to transforming traditional management practices to build a truly great place to work.

We’re recruiting for a Sales Executive to join our fast paced sales team. We’re looking for an outstanding candidate who can help qualify and determine early leads into opportunities for the sales team to pursue. If you’re early in your sales career, and you’re hungry to make an impact, this could be an interesting and unique opportunity for you.

Team members at Strategyzer enjoy:

  • World-Class Team: Be part of a highly visible, globally recognized organization, and contribute to a paradigm shift in strategy and innovation in the world’s leading enterprises.
  • Strong Company Culture: We strive to create an environment with strong psychological safety and frequent feedback structures to allow our people to do their best work.
  • Flexible Working: Work from anywhere globally, or from our physical office hubs in Toronto, Canada, or Zurich, Switzerland. We also offer flexible work hours, allowing our team to contribute when they are most productive.
  • Growth Allowance: Professional and personal development are vital at Strategyzer. All team members get an annual growth allowance for conferences, courses, certifications, coaching, and more. We also include an annual book allowance.

The Sales Executive’s Mission & Outcomes

This role is for an entry-level or intermediate sales candidate with an opportunity to learn and develop into a more senior sales role.

Your mission is to…

  • Bring value to our customers by understanding their objectives, providing solutions, and challenging their thinking.
  • Build client relationships by gaining a deep understanding of what matters most.
  • Anticipate and identify the needs of the customer and the team.
  • Contribute creativity and a solution-centric approach to issues as they arise.
  • Adapt and evolve (as/where needed) existing internal processes for a cleaner, simpler work creating better alignment across departments.
  • Accelerate our company’s growth and scale by identifying cross-functional opportunities to contribute.

The successful candidate will contribute in the following ways:

1. Filter & qualify early leads.

You’re the first point of contact for potential customers who are looking to learn more about Strategyzer and how we can help. You will be able to quickly assess these leads with a series of qualifying questions, and then reliably follow up in an organized, persistent and thoughtful way, all in an attempt to start a meaningful conversation.

2. Explore for opportunities.

Working with a senior associate/coach, you will help determine if any particular lead is an opportunity for Strategyzer to pursue. Navigating all steps of the sales cycle, you will act as the key point person, partnering with the senior associate to most effectively address the customers’ jobs-to-be-done, pains and desired gains.

3. Contribute to a world-class customer experience.

Through a robust onboarding process, you will become proficient in understanding and speaking to our suite of products, and be instrumental in managing our proposal library. This is also an opportunity to contribute to our outbound campaigns by determining customer lists, following up on early responses, and qualifying prospects.

Requirements For The Role

All potential candidates will be scored on the following competencies.

1. You strive to be a great human being.

We want world-class human beings who:

  • Strive to show deep care and empathy for your team members.
  • Have strong integrity and morals that drive your accountability.
  • Are open-minded to the views of others and continuously work to improve themselves for the betterment of the whole team.

2. You perform at the highest level.

These are the technical qualifications we require:

  • 2-5 years of experience in a sales and/or business development capacity.
  • Exceptional organizational skills and total commitment to follow up.
  • Familiarity with managing a sales cycle, from qualification through to closed won or lost.
  • Able to work in close partnership with Strategyzer senior associates.
  • Comfortable navigating logistics and creating connections with senior leaders.
  • A natural collaborator with internal functions (i.e. legal, procurement, customer success).
  • Very capable and comfortable with managing a virtual setting, navigating web meeting tools (Zoom, MSTeams, etc.).
  • Willing to work across time zones, often outside of ‘regular’ hours.
  • Highly skilled (or fully dedicated to learning how to) manage CRM hygiene (HubSpot experience a bonus).
  • An ability to travel once restrictions are lifted.
  • Comfortable with collaboration tools such as Slack, Miro, Google Docs, etc.
  • Experience with innovation tools and methodologies not required, but considered a bonus.
  • Fluency in French or German would be a bonus.

3. You are a great collaborator.

Collaboration is key to our success as a team. We want a Sales Executive who is:

  • Incredibly hungry and wants to make an impact with our team.
  • A customer-first approach to delivering value.
  • Enthusiastic about learning our methodologies and tools
  • Able to weave between autonomous and collaborative working styles.
  • Adept at building strong relationships easily across various stakeholder groups to help move projects forward.
  • Energetic capacity to work effectively at a rapid pace, tight deadline work environment.
  • A strong writer and communicator for a fully remote, global environment.
  • Not afraid to iterate on an idea or prototype if it means we create better value.
  • Able to focus on the bigger picture while paying close attention to the final details that will get us to success.
  • Fully accountable to what you say and do, are open to constructive conflict and can navigate challenging feedback.

How We Hire At Strategyzer

We pride ourselves on a robust, fair, and diversity-focused recruitment process. The following steps allow us to find the best fit for this role. Finding the right person is much more important to us than adhering to any deadline, and therefore we will keep this position open until we fill it with the perfect match for us.

Step 1 - Intro to Candidate

Upload your CV in PDF format.

Create a 4-minute LOOM video intro of yourself answering the following questions:

  1. What are your career goals?
  2. What are you not good at or not interested in doing professionally?
  3. How do you understand the essence of this role and how would you approach it?

Step 2 - Interviews

  • Skills + technical fit interviews.
  • Cultural fit interviews.
  • Reference Interviews.

Step 3 - Working Challenge

Step 4 - Offer