Job Type

Full Time


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Position Summary

The Risk Management team oversees the management of the UPS International Insurance company, which provides insurance services for United Parcel Service Inc. and its subsidiaries.  One of the main purposes of the team is to ensure risks are mitigated and decreasing the costs of accidents and claims against UPS companies.

Key Accountabilities

  • Assistance in the completion of monthly data extraction, analysis, and reporting tasks, working with Risk Management Specialist
  • Assisting with data analysis leading towards presentations relating to accident prevention and accountability, and the continued development of ad-hoc Risk Management reports to this end
  • Data collection, verification and presentation for Region and Corporate Risk Managers
  • Managing the internal access requests for the claim reporting platforms for various requirements and countries
  • Managing the renewal of the Green cards for UPS vehicles in various countries
  • Assisting with Claims Management for the Europe Region including data extraction and analysis
  • Daily Cash Flow Forecasting and payment administration for UPS International Insurance
  • Responsible for the monitoring of recoverable claims in the UK, working with multiple contacts to gather the required information
  • Responsible for UPS International Insurance claim payments
  • Completing on site audits on third party service providers throughout Europe to ensure claims are handled to the standard expected and working with providers to improve processes
  • Maintaining and updating the Risk Management departmental procedures relating to all activities above

Other Job Requirements

  • Completion of daily and monthly tasks efficiently and to the required timescales
  • Completion of ad-hoc analysis and project tasks and the timely communication of these as required to the Risk Management department and other UPS departments

Knowledge and Experience

  • Must be working towards an undergraduate degree in any field which requires analytical skills. A year in industry must form part of your degree for you to be eligible to apply.
  • Potential to develop strong project management, communication (written and oral), interpersonal and networking skills.
  • Proficient PC skills in: Excel, PowerPoint and Word
  • Ability to manipulate and analyze data using common programs, plus the initiative to create and explore potential routes of enquiry and develop these to the point where they can be presented and discussed within the Risk department and other UPS departments.

Preferred Competencies

  • Self-starter, self-motivated and highly productive individual. Willingness to develop a rapid understanding of business processes and use data to develop meaningful analyses of these.
  • Strong interpersonal skills needed to communicate with both systems and business minded individuals.
  • Ability to work effectively with both internal colleagues and external suppliers.
  • Excellent communication skills to overcome language and cultural barriers while regularly working with colleagues across the globe.
  • Strong multitasking ability needed to facilitate multiple projects and daily ad hoc requests.


  • An opportunity to gain valuable hands-on industry experience with a Fortune 500 company.
  • An inside view of UPS operations and work environment.
  • Managerial level meetings experience and networking opportunities.
  • Skills development, which will boost the start of your career.
  • Exposure to the insurance industry and the claims litigation process.

Current Placement Student Testimonial

“My placement year has been an invaluable experience. Having kept busy with such a range of responsibilities has allowed me to develop myself and prepare for my future career… From all the knowledge I have gained about insurance and risk management, to the improvement of my hard and soft skills, which can be easily transferable to other fields of work. I have enjoyed the independence I have been given in terms of how I complete tasks, as well as the initiative I am encouraged to take in order to come up with the best and most efficient solutions to problems. This level of responsibility has made me feel like I am more than just an intern, and I am grateful to be working with a team who are supportive and always happy to answer any questions I have.” (Daniel, Risk Management Placement Student 2020-2021)