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Job description:


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Title: Protestant Religious Education (RE) Coordinator

Place of performance: Molesworth,United Kingdom

  • “The RE Coordinator shall serve as the primary coordinator, teacher, facilitator, and organizer of the religious education program which is under the responsibility of the Wing Chaplain.â€


Education and Experience:

  • A High School diploma and a College Degree in any field is required.
  • Possess a minimum of 6 months of experience in a similar role in a Christian-based setting.
  • Be fluent in reading, writing, and speaking English.
  • Possess and demonstrate an understanding of the basic doctrines and worship practices of the Protestant faith.


  • Interpersonal: Must possess the ability to constructively work well with others in a multifaith environment.
  • Professional: Must be able to efficiently organize and manage diverse program elements.
  • Communication: Must be able to clearly communicate, verbally and in writing, the needs and goals of the Protestant RE Program to chapel staff, volunteers, and customers.
  • Computer: Must have a working knowledge of computers in order to perform all administrative tasks.
  • Budget: Must understand the basics of planning, developing, and executing a budget.


General Responsibilities:

  • The candidate shall plan and implement with the approval of the Protestant Chaplain, Protestant RE programs for Protestant personnel and their families at RAF Alconbury/Molesworth.
  • Assist the Chaplain in developing the following in regard to RE Coordinator programs as appropriate: annual calendar of events, Chapel Tithes and Offerings Fund Budget, Appropriated Fund budget, and core volunteer training requirements. The candidate shall submit to the Chaplain a proposed annual RE calendar and budget for approval.
  • Ensure facility requests for RE programs, occurring in Chaplain Corps facilities and in other base facilities, are filled out and submitted to the Chaplain Corps staff to be processed in a timely manner.
  • Propose effective advertisements of RE programs and events.
  • Coordinate and ensure that all purchase requests for RE programs are properly completed and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Attend all requested meetings to report on RE activities, events, and budget updates.
  • Coordinate with the Chaplain and chapel volunteers to create effective RE programs for the Protestants.
  • Provide recommendations for annual volunteer recognition to the Chaplain.

             Specific Responsibilities:

  • Recruit, train, and manage volunteers for their Protestant RE programs. The candidate is responsible for coordinating volunteers in support of the Protestant RE program. Volunteers will be required as qualified teachers, substitutes and assistants. When volunteers are not available to meet the religious education needs of the community it will still be the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that these events are continuing to occur. The candidate will be required at a minimum to ensure that the weekly Sunday children’s church occurs every week.
  • Be accountable for security and cleanliness of all facilities utilized in conjunction with their programs. The RE coordinator is responsible for opening, restoring to its neutral setting, cleaning, and securing any chapel facilities used for RE programs and events.
  • Ensure that background check qualified, adult supervision and leadership are present at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled start times of all RE activities and will remain present until the last participant under the age of 18 has departed.
  • Ensure compliance with rules/laws in regard to use of any copyrighted materials.
  • Maintain a professional attitude and environment to include hygiene and appearance.
  • Ensure all applicable facilities (i.e., Youth Center, classrooms, and local elementary schools) are opened, equipped, and ready for use prior to the start of RE programs for all Protestant RE programs.
  • Plan and execute various RE programs including regular age-appropriate classes weekly from August until June of the calendar, Vacation Bible School, the RE program’s yearly kick-off which shall be performed in August of each calendar year. The candidate is also responsible for not only the children and youth re programs but also the men’s and women’s re programing needs. This includes overseeing the RE requests and facilitating the needs of various independent bible studies, PWOC, youth, and children’s programs as the needs arise.
  • In coordination with the Protestant Parish Coordinator and the RAF Alconbury/Molesworth Protestant chaplain will also be responsible for the planning and execution of special RE events pertaining to the church calendar. These include but are not limited to Lent/Holy Week/Easter events and Advent/Christmas events including children’s plays  or other activities aimed at teaching those involved the meaning of these seasons or enhancing the celebration of said season.
  • Conduct one orientation training session for volunteers of the Chapel Protestant RE program and/or workshop at the beginning of the RE school year on 1 September to cover curriculum. In addition, the candidate is responsible for conducting orientation training when new members volunteer.
  • Maintain current Protestant RE curriculum, literature, and handouts, and also recommend  the purchase of all RE Program supplies in support of Protestant RE programs.
  • Provide monthly statistical reports concerning the numbers of participants at each RE class as well as keeping a running tally of volunteer and volunteer hours. These reports should be submitted to the Protestant Parish Coordinator to use in the compilation of monthly statistics on the last day of a calendar month or on the last day of the month that an RE class is being held.
  • Maintain a continuity file for RE program and submitting requested after-action reports electronically to the Chaplain for all Protestant RE programs within 5 calendar days following the close of each event outside of weekly RE classes.
  • Maintain electronic attendance records: names, dates, and rosters of all participants and volunteers for the review of the Chaplain.
  • Develop a proposed 12-month calendar of events for all RE programs and coordinate this calendar with the Protestant Activities Coordinator to be submitted to the RAF Alconbury/Molesworth NCOIC of Chapel Operations no later than the 15th of August of each subsequent year.
  • Ensure execution and electronic tracking of the approved budget
  • The Candidate shall be prepared to work with chapel staff personnel and program volunteers of all religious backgrounds and faith beliefs. The Candidate shall maintain professionalism, discipline and respect when dealing with religious/spiritual beliefs outside their own personal views.
  • Attend as needed or required by the Protestant Chaplain all staff or Parish meetings or brainstorming gatherings.

Hours of Operation:

  •  Hours of operation:  Anticipated 60-75 hours per month.


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