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Company Information:

What we look for
Our exceptional and motivated employees are our greatest strength. Our employees provide the highest level of

customer service and help maintain our position as a leader in the global marketplace.

Markel Style
The Markel Style is what makes us stand out from our competitors. It's our core value which should underpin how we do business, while influencing our behavior and performance. We are looking for people who have potential and share our passion to live the Markel Style, which is described in more detail below.

If you think you have these core attributes we want to hear from you.

Job Summary:

24 month graduate opportunity in our Professional and Financial Risks Underwriting Team, starting in September 2021

Programme overview

Our graduate programme will give you the opportunity to learn and develop as a trainee underwriter. You will join one of our wholesale underwriting teams which will be your core team for the programme. Over 24 months, you will have secondments with teams across the business to give you a greater understanding of how our business connects and operates.  

As well as your secondments, your ‘underwriter of the future’ development plan is designed to develop your technical capabilities and enhance your business skills at each stage of your underwriting career. Your development plan also includes study support towards your professional qualification, through an Insurance Apprenticeship.

It’s not just the professional underwriting experience and development programme that make this a great opportunity; you’d also have access to some of our great benefits such as gym memberships, retail vouchers, yoga classes, employee appreciation days, volunteering, and even a virtual panto at Christmas!

Department overview

One Wholesale

The Wholesale division is comprised of six underwriting teams (Cyber, Energy, Equine & Livestock, Marine, Professional & Financial Risks, and Trade Credit, Political Risk & Surety), as well as an award winning claims team, underwriting support, delegated underwriting, and strategic business development. We have staff around the world with a significant presence in Asia and the US, in addition to the London market.

Our teams operate as ‘One Wholesale’, working together towards our goal to be one of the world’s great speciality insurers. We work collaboratively both within Wholesale and across the wider Markel organisation, and because we work as one we are able to create the best solutions possible for our clients, and provide exceptional development opportunities for our staff.

Skills, knowledge and experience

The successful candidate will demonstrate the following:

Motivation for a career in insurance

We want to see your passion for our business.

As you will be aligned to a core underwriting team, it is important to research the class of business you have applied for and be able to explain your reasons for selecting this underwriting team.

Commercial Awareness

Our graduate programme will develop your technical skills and enhance your business knowledge. We don’t expect you to know everything about insurance when you arrive – you will learn that bit!

What we look for is commercial awareness, speficially how current events and issues might impact our industry and our business. We are looking for graduates who are eager to learn our underwriting business, ask lots of questions to build their knowledge and understanding.

General Skills

In all our core underwriting teams, having a basic understanding of data and numeracy will be beneficial. Additional skills we look for are:

  • Being organised and a self starter

  • A positive, proactive approach with a willingness to learn

  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with team members and key stakeholders

Markel competencies

During the assessment process, you will be assessed against the Markel Competencies. More information about each of them can be found here:

Pursuit of excellence

  • Consistently provides quality work products
  • Adapts behaviour to reflect the style of others to foster effective working relationships
  • Finds the most efficient and practical means of overcoming challenges

Customer focus

  • Actively looks for solutions to customer problems
  • Seeks to further knowledge of customer needs
  • Builds relationships with customers and responds to needs by demonstrating tact, empathy and professionalism

Business results

  • Seeks the best and most direct option to accomplish tasks
  • Demonstrates effective organisation skills
  • Applies logic and draws accurate conclusions from information


  • Helps others succeed
  • Approaches change in a positive manner
  • Listens for and acts on key information

Strong foundations

  • Holds self and others accountable to ethical standards
  • Takes ownership and accountability for own development
  • Shows accountability and resilience in achieving goals

Markel celebrates the value of a diverse workforce that brings experience and expertise from a wide variety of backgrounds and life circumstances. Whatever your background, if you feel you meet the requirements of this role then we want to hear from you.

For application information please visit  

We want to ensure that you have a positive experience applying for a role at Markel and are able to perform at your best. If there are any adjustments we can reasonably make to ensure that the process is accessible for you at every stage please telephone us on +44 (0)20 7953 6000 or email


“Why work for us?”

Diversity and inclusion
Markel is truly a global and diverse company. We believe that diversity makes us better business partners and that embracing people’s differences can bring amazing results and fuel innovation. We have a portfolio of businesses and product lines that operate around the world.

Community involvement
Markel has a rich heritage of supporting communities across the world where our customers and employees live and work. Giving back is part of our history and our future. Our employees share in this philosophy through volunteering, mentoring and fundraising.

Commitment to open doors

Markel is committed to creating the best work environment. Our open-door policy is essential in recognizing business issues as they rise and to address the changing needs of our diverse and global workforce. Challenging management is a component of the Markel Style—some of our best ideas start from a conversation between a manager and an employee.

Entrepreneurial spirit

As the Markel Style states, we pursue excellence, strive for a better way, and share the success of others. Markel associates proactively seek new business opportunities, bringing further success to Markel.

Source: Markel Corporation