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Job title:Catholic Religious Education Coordinator

Based at: Geilenkirchen, Germany


  • Must be active, practicing and committed to the Catholic faith and teaching and cannot have a history of domestic violence, assault, or crimes against children.
  • Oversees a comprehensive Catholic religious education and formation program for the local installation and associated community.
  • Has a bachelor’s degree or a minimum of one year experience as a Religious Education Coordinator/Director in Catholic Chapels or Churches with a program consisting of preschool children through adults.
  • Must possess sufficient administrative skills necessary to produce bulletins and flyers, create and modify RE program/ministry documents, update and manage calendars, correspond via email and/or social media, and must have experience using Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and Publisher.
  • Must be experienced in the creation and distribution of publicity; advertising in newspapers, writing worship service bulletin announcements, and utilizing other advertising resources (multiple forms of social media).
  • Must be a certificated Archdiocese for Military Services Catechist or obtain certification within months of contract award.
  • Has at least one year remaining on station to be considered for this position and must provide official orders or other documentation to verify this requirement.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Coordinates with the Catholic Chaplain to develop and implement programs, goals, policies, and procedures for all Religious Education Coordinator programs including children and adults. These programs include Catechist training, Sacramental program (First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation), RCIA, Parent and teacher training, and seasonal programs (Christmas Pageant, Stations of the Cross, etc.).
  • Performs administrative tasks, such as preparing publicity material, ordering curriculum and supplies for succeeding quarters, updating RE Coordinator continuity file, evaluating program effectiveness, and developing and RE annual calendar of events and RE budget.
  • Tracks monthly attendance and provides metrics to Chapel staff.
  • Submits all facility, funds, and material requests to the Catholic Community Coordinator for coordination and processing. Administrative and program supplies will be available to the RE Coordinator as stated in the annual Catholic Parish Budget. The RE Coordinator will follow Chaplain Fund procedures for the receipt and disbursement of funds.
  • Reads, complies and familiar with Air Force Policy Instructions and local Operating Instructions instituted by Air Base Vacation Bible School with the Protestant RE Coordinator.
  • Plans, recruits teachers and volunteers, advertises the event, registers students, and oversees the program, and maintains all RE materials.
  • Obtains consent information necessary to conduct background investigations from all volunteers who have direct contact with children under the age of 18 years.
  • Maintains office hours during regular duty hours as approved by Sanford or designated representative.
  • The candidate is accountable for security and cleanliness of all facilities utilized in conjunction with their programs, which may apply during, before, or after normal duty hours.
  • Consults with the Catholic Chaplain, Sanford, or designated representative to develop and submit an annual calendar of events, CTOF budget, appropriated fund budget, and annual religious education curriculum. This information is submitted in accordance with local Chaplain Corps operation procedures.
  • Develops and coordinate publicity of Catholic Religious Education Parish programs to include advertising in the base newspaper, worship service bulletins, marquees, etc.
  • Ensures facility requests for all Catholic Religious Education programs occurring in Chaplain Corps facilities are filled out correctly, submitted to the Chapel staff in a timely manner, and coordinated properly.
  • Attends the Catholic Pastoral Advisory Council and all leadership planning meetings to support future coordination and support of RE ministry. PAC meetings are held monthly with coordination from PAC president. Including meetings with the Catholic Chaplain for coordination of the Catholic Religious Education program.
  • Attends chapel staff meetings.
  • Prepares a weekly report regarding RE events and activities and submit CTOF Fund Requests for all RE program purchases.
  • Keeps a record of enrollment and attendance of all Catholic RE events and programs.
  • Opens and secure the chapel building and other facilities used for Catholic RE programs and events.
  • Ensures volunteers are aware of local safety and security requirements and procedures.
  • The candidate will be familiar with and implement fire and safety practices to prevent accidents and preserve the life and health of him/herself and any personnel performing or in any way affected by the performance of this contract.
  • The candidate shall be responsible for keys provided and keys shall not be duplicated.
  • Reports any duplicated, lost, or misplaced keys upon discovery of the occurrence.
  • Maintains professional standards of conduct and decorum, to include dress, appearance, grooming, and use of appropriate, professional language.
  • Sanford owned equipment will not be removed from Chaplain Corps facilities without authorization from the Installation Chaplain or Superintendent/NCOIC, Religious Affairs.
  • Personally, perform the services described above or submit the names and qualifications of the proposed back-fill to Catholic Chaplain for approval 14 days in advance prior to the proposed absence.
  • Complete Child Care National Agency Check and Inquiries and Installation Records Check (IRC) or equivalent. Upon favorable completion of the IRC, the candidate may perform duties pending completion and favorable adjudication of a submitted CNACI or equivalent.

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