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We are looking to hire an experienced individual to join our Experience-Operations Team in Europe.  This is an exciting opportunity to join a rapidly growing team and to help build regional Artist Experience & Handling policy and systems for our European program - whilst structuring to scale operations rapidly.  

The ideal candidate will have a diverse and proven track record in the Tour Management and Handling of Artists across a spectrum of event types and styles – from Club shows, to large indoor events, to Greenfields festival productions.  We’re looking for individuals who have worked cross-culturally and internationally and who have made a measurable impact and established a positive industry reputation in their previous roles. 

Specifically, we’re looking for an individual with experience in:  Artist Tour Management & Artist Hospitality management across multi-day events; the advancing, directing and management of Artist Handlers & support systems in touring destinations; the coordination of curated travel experiences and “Surprise & Delight'' moments for Artists whilst on tour or in destination; and the accurate and effective transfer of contractual obligations and riders into operational delivery.  

You will thrive in a fast-paced environment with multiple destinations and projects open concurrently.  You will possess sharp time-management skills and will know how to stay organised across multiple work streams and relationships.  

The right individual will seek a deep understanding of our Artist partners, our touring obligations and the nature of the curated experiences that we are producing – ensuring that all of our partners have a distinctive, quality and positive experience – and seek to increase their future participation and engagement with our brand.  Seamless logistics and handling will be considered the baseline outcome - we’re looking for an individual who wants their reputation for global artist management and experiences they create to precede them.

In the first 12 months you will:

  • You’ll be responsible for supporting the delivery of seamless end-to-end experiences for more than 75,000 guests across 10+ destinations in Europe. Specifically, you will focus upon the experience, management and handling of our touring Artists and partners across Europe.
  • You will be the Artist-centric quality-controller and policy maker for the Experience Operations team in Europe – creating systems, schedules, documentation, briefings, destination support systems, etc that will allow for scale and the compounding responsibility of our Destination Artist teams, as we develop new destinations into core hubs of our program.
  • You will work with our Experience Managers and Destination Managers to establish a strong and agile network of Artist Handlers and Artist-centric vendor relationships across the region including but not limited to: Artist Handlers, Drivers, Runners, Security Staff, Hospitality Staff, Premium travel operators etc.
  • Leveraging your specialist knowledge and depth of experience to guide Artist operations, you will support the Program Director to carefully analyse the regional needs and systems of the team and to identify efficiencies and propose centralised systems to support regional scaling.
  • You will work with Destination Teams to source, procure, brief and quality-control localised artist handling and vendor relationships and personnel. You will review Artist Contracts and Riders and centralise the needs per experience to streamline operations and shorten our planning cycle.
  • For larger scale events and Greenfields’s productions – you will act as our lead Artist Experience Director and coordinate efforts between our centralised team and our destinations, whilst ensuring that our quality standards – both creatively and logistically are maintained or exceeded.
  • You will work closely with our Production Director & Travel Operations Manager to ensure accurate and streamlined delivery against our contractual logistical and production rider obligations. Ensuring that our baseline delivery (touring / handling / logistics) meets or exceeds expectations.
  • You will work closely with our Journey Director to develop the Artist Experience within destination – including the vetting of accommodation, setting up of tours, and the creation of Surprise and Delight moments that will create a distinctive experience for our Artist Partners.
  • You will work closely with our Account Managers and Content team to ensure that the ways in which we engage with Artists across the Pollen journey (from procurement to execution to retention) are positively impacting our traction within the industry.
  • You will tour into destinations on select projects (higher tiered and more complex events) to directly oversee and execute operational Artist Handling / Tour Management elements of the projects. Aiming to transfer knowledge and skills to our Destination partners and localised hires.
  • You will develop a rich European network of Artist service/management vendors that will add depth and detailing to our European experiences – considering both the centralised needs of the region and the destination specific deliverables for our events.
  • You will build and own the upkeep of key systems that allow for the regional planning, control and execution of production related elements of our experiences.
  • You will get your hands dirty – working operationally and collaboratively within the group to build, execute and iterate our experiences and presence within the Curated Travel market space.
Source: Pollen