10,000 employees or more
Staffing/Employment Agencies

G4S is the largest secure outsourcing company in the UK and Ireland, with a turnover of more than £1.7 billion and over 55,000 employees managed from over 100 offices.

More than 10,000 customers, including 59 FTSE 100 companies and the majority of UK Government departments, depend on G4S to provide them with a safe and secure way to deliver their services.

In the UK & Ireland G4S consists of;

  • Care & Justice Services (UK)
  • Cash Solutions
  • Integrated Services
  • Islands including G4S Jersey/Guernsey and Isle of Man
  • Secure Solutions (UK)
  • Secure Solutions (Ireland)
  • Technology (UK)
  • Utility Services

Here at G4S, it's hard to comprehend what a massive scale we work on

We're the UK's largest security services company, with more than 45,000 employees and a turnover of £1 billion – and are trusted by over 6,000 customers.

The areas we're involved in are as diverse as the people we employ. We secure airports and embassies, we manage the cash cycle for leading retailers and banks, we safeguard sporting events and government buildings – the list goes on and on. In fact, our work touches people's lives in nearly every area you can imagine.

In such a business, our employees thrive on exciting challenges and career opportunities you won't find elsewhere. We're a dynamic enterprise committed to empowering our people to unlock their full potential and build rewarding careers. They have the chance to make a real difference, to enjoy the rewards of our shared successes and feel secure in their careers too.

In other words, we're a company that stands apart from the crowd, where we encourage our staff to transform challenges into opportunities. To find out exactly how we could change your professional life, explore our three levels of recruitment and discover where you fit in.

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