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Planning a Job Search

Monster wants you to get the job you deserve and that means giving you the advice you need. From career options and networking to planning an effective search, Monster wants to help.

5 New Year career resolutions

Here are our five top New Year's career resolutions that you could take to make sure you get what you want in January.


Partnering up with Warner Bros. on their film The Intern, we've created a quiz that will show you what kind of intern you would be. Give it a go now!

Data Analyst Job Description

What do Data Analyst jobs involve? Do you like collecting and analysing data? Learn more about Data Analyst jobs, skills required, salary level and career perspectives here. 

Networking without the cringe-factor

Networking might not be your thing but it's something you'll have to get used to at some point in your career. Here's how to network without the cringe-factor.
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