Your Twitter address: Should you stick it on your CV?

Your Twitter address: Should you stick it on your CV?

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As social media is playing an increasingly important part in our lives, how much of a role should it play in your jobsearch?

It used to be the case that jobseekers shied away from letting prospective employers know about their social media presence – aware of that drunken photo on Facebook perhaps.

But things are changing, so maybe now it's time to think more about how best to incorporate what you get up to on social platforms with your job seeking. Now, for example, it's not unusual to see an applicant's Twitter name included among their contact details at the head of their CV – next to the email address and contact number.

A Twitter user's '@' address is usually small and easy to fit on a CV banner, after all. But the important thing is to make sure that you follow up putting your social media presence on your curriculum vitae by making it stand out, seem relevant and intelligent.

Let's say you're on the lookout for IT jobs. An employer might type in your Twitter address to see what you're all about. And the last thing they're likely to want to see is you moaning about the football results or talking to your mates about that person you fancy.

Use social media to its advantage – discuss industry themes, post links to interesting online blogs, make contacts with other like-minded souls.

That way you'll make sure a potential employer knows you mean business – and who knows where it might lead?