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Cheeky workers job hunt while they're supposed to be working

Cheeky workers job hunt while they're supposed to be working

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Workers tired of their current job and looking for a new one are spending 14 million hours hunting for new positions when they should be working, research has shown.

According to a poll of over 2,000 jobseekers by, over one-quarter are spending over three hours per week looking for jobs at work.

Seven per cent said that they are spending more than ten hours a week, while 16 per cent spend over five hours.

But jobseekers aren't just searching the web – they're also uploading their CV (admitted by half of respondents looking for work).

And almost one-quarter carry out telephone interviews from their office – shameless!

In fact, 12 per cent said their boss has found them, and an unlucky (some may say deserving) one in 50 have lost their job this way.

Isabelle Ratinaud, spokesperson for Monster UK & Ireland, advised jobseekers to keep their hunt to lunchtimes, evening and weekends.

"If your boss finds out you're job hunting on their watch, this could not only affect your reference, it could even result in disciplinary action or dismissal - which could make finding a new job even harder."

If you're looking for IT jobs (not while you're at work, mind) you'll be pleased to hear that the Bank of Scotland's Report on Jobs showed an increase in the number of positions available recently.  


Thinking of trying this on for size - here's some adice on keeping your job search a secret.

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