What skills will help me in the Emergency Services?

What skills will help me in the Emergency Services?

Emergency Services

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Most employers will tell you that the most important part of any CV is the skills section. With recruiters taking as little as thirty seconds skimming through your application you need to appeal to them as quickly as possible. And the only way to do this is to identify the key skills that employers are really looking for and include as many of them as you can.

However, it isn’t enough to simply list your skills, you need to demonstrate how you have used them in a practical setting such as in a previous job – either paid or unpaid.

Although there are a number of skills common to police officers, firefighters and paramedics alike, such as the ability to cope well under pressure, commitment to professional development, strong communications skills and good levels of physical fitness, there are certain skills that are unique to each individual service.

Police officer candidates will need to show evidence of:

  • mature attitude
  • ability to weigh up situations and take appropriate action
  • confidence yet calm at the same time
  • able to diffuse and control a problematical situation
  • strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • respect and an understanding of different religions, cultures and races
  • good literacy skills and computer literate

The key skills needed to be a firefighter include:

  • bravery - prepared to go into dangerous situations
  • high levels of concentration
  • good at reassuring frightened or injured people
  • ability to take orders whilst being able to make sound decisions at the same time
  • ability to operate effectively in a close team
  • honest and accepts accountability for own actions
  • a genuine interest in promoting community safety, education and risk prevention

New paramedic hopefuls will be expected to demonstrate:

  • caring, sympathetic and helpful personality
  • ability to react and respond decisively in a crisis
  • experience in life-saving techniques or at the very least, a practical knowledge of first aid

With competition for jobs becoming increasingly competitive the more skills you can demonstrate the better your chances of getting the job that you want. Positions for firefighters, for instance, come up as rarely as a penalty being awarded to the opposition at OId Trafford, so anything that you can do to give yourself an advantage over your competition - such as gaining first aid skills or experience as a volunteer with a diverse socio-economic community project - the better.

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