What are the common Marketing career paths?

What are the common Marketing career paths?

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If you have never worked in marketing-related position before now or are fresh out of university looking for your first job you will want to know what sort of roles to be looking out for in the situations vacant pages of your local newspaper or online job site. So here are a few ideas to help you narrow your job search.

Most people start their marketing career as a Marketing Executive regardless of whether they have taken the graduate or non-graduate entry route. Sometimes described as Assistant Brand Managers/Product Managers/Marketing Coordinators, the precise responsibilities of the Marketing Executive varies from company to company and are largely determined by the size of the organisation by which you are employed and the importance of marketing within the company.

For the most part your role will see you involved in all aspects of marketing, from researching and analysing your core target market to developing the product’s packaging, point-of-sale, advertising, public relations and sales promotion.

After two or three year’s promotion to Senior Marketing Executive will see you taking on greater responsibility in a post which will set you in good stead for moving into a Marketing Manager after a further two or three years, and then to Marketing Director.

As with many industries, further professional qualifications, such as those offered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, are increasingly becoming a pre-requisite to facilitate progression into more senior marketing positions.

Just about every conceivable type of organisation has marketing as a core element of its overall function. From charities and other non-profit organisations to public sector bodies, such as local government, private sector organisations, such as insurance companies, and FMCG’s – fast moving consumer goods (washing powder, cars, toiletries and so on).

All of which means that you may find yourself launching a new beauty of pet care product for the likes of Proctor & Gamble, creating awareness for a charity such as Save the Children, or working for a marketing agency such as WWAV Rapp Collins which handles the marketing of an innumerate portfolio of international brands.

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