Cover letter tips for warehouse operative jobs

There’s always stiff competition for warehouse operative jobs, so making your application stand out requires more than just handing in a standard CV. A strong cover letter is your first opportunity to impress hiring managers, ensuring they’re much more likely to give your application a second glance.

Writing a cover letter is about showing not telling. It’s about choosing examples that show the that you’re reliable, accurate and will make a great addition to their team. It’s also an opportunity to bring any especially valuable warehouse work skills to the fore – perhaps you’re qualified as a forklift driver or have experience with software like Oracle or SQL. While this information should also be included in your warehouse CV, highlighting it in your cover letter gives the hiring manager a reason to keep reading and – ultimately – call you in for an interview.

What to include in a warehouse operative cover letter

Hiring managers at warehouses are looking for employees who can show they are accurate, can work to tight deadlines, display attention to detail and who have great pride in their work. They’ll take note if you can demonstrate specific warehouse work skills – such as additional safety training or, for more advanced jobs, management experience. Your warehouse cover letter should therefore show your abilities with regards to these requirements.


Pick out your most relevant experience

There’s a wide range of types of jobs in warehouses, so the specifics of the role you’re applying for will be outlined in the job ad. Make sure you study the job description closely and tailor your cover letter to this opportunity in particular.

Say you’re applying for a few different temp jobs which involve picking responsibilities, you would of course want to highlight your experience when it comes to picking. But, if one of those jobs also specifies that they’re looking for someone qualified to drive a forklift truck, don’t make the mistake of sending out a generic cover letter that fails to cite the relevant qualification! Mentioning it up front in the cover letter is far more likely to land you an interview.


Emphasise your achievements

Your cover letter is your opportunity to show why you’re the best choice for the job, and so highlighting your professional achievements is essential. This will catch the attention of hiring managers who want to meet candidates who’ve shown initiative, speed and who have been recognised by former employers for their skills.

Perhaps you’ve won an employee of the month award or received a prize for picking and packing most items in a busy period. When relevant, these achievements should definitely be detailed – not only do they show that you’re good at what you do, they also show you take real pride in your work.


Don’t forget to mention your responsibilities

Hiring managers want to see evidence of a candidate’s keenness to drive their career forward. If you’ve managed teams, this is sure proof that you’re focused on progressing. Even if you haven’t worked as a full-time manager, perhaps you’ve supervised a night shift when your line manager was away. This kind of experience shows you’re ambitious and flexible, ready to take on extra responsibilities when called upon.


Include all qualifications

Your cover letter is a tool for making yourself the most appealing candidate of the bunch. If you have completed qualifications – in software, machinery or skills like first aid or management – these will all tick important boxes and give you that edge over the rest. Training is a big expenditure for businesses, so if you can show you already come with the most in-demand knowledge and skills, that’s always a plus.


Show you’re ambitious

It’s a great idea to demonstrate your ambition, especially when it comes to full-time jobs. Managers want to invest in employees who will be loyal to the company and who want to advance their careers. So, don’t be shy about getting your ambitions out in the open. If you want to be a warehouse supervisor, or you see your career evolving into database management, say so. Whatever you hope to achieve, don’t hesitate to mention it.


Warehouse operative cover letter example

Click here to download our free warehouse cover letter sample as Microsoft Word (.doc)

MS doc


David Allen
34 Saphron Avenue

Karren Gibson
Online Megacorp
28 Navy Road


Re: Application for warehouse operative role


Dear Ms. Gibson,

I am writing to apply for the job of warehouse operative at Online Megacorp, as advertised on

I am an experienced warehouse operative, having worked at two separate warehouses since graduating from college in 2016. I am a team player who thrives in a fast-paced, target-based environment. As you will see from my CV, I am adept at all duties involved in warehouse work, from product picking and packing to product security checks and record-keeping. I have been named Employee of the Month three times in my current role, where I am charged with managing a small team.

I have a forklift licence, a First Aid qualification and have undertaken training in Oracle SCM Cloud. I’m keen to improve my warehouse management software skills and grow my skillset in order to take on more responsibilities as my career evolves.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

David Allen