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Christmas jobs to fill your stocking with cash

Christmas jobs to fill your stocking with cash

Need a little extra cash to match your gift aspirations this Christmas? Consider getting some seasonal work. All sorts of companies need cover to meet the frenzied demands of shoppers.

You can put yourself in the thick of it with in-store Christmas vacancies such as gift wrappers, or enjoy the great outdoors with roles like reindeer handler (scarf, hat and gloves essential).

With full and part-time Christmas temp jobs available, you’ll find a job to work around other commitments, have fun and pay for that extra glass of mulled wine this party season.

Gifts for Gran, festive parties, that massive food shop – one thing’s for sure, Christmas isn’t cheap. With a temporary job throughout December and beyond, you can pay your way and even have money left over for the January sales. Let’s peek under the wrapping paper of the best Christmas jobs 2017.

Toy keeper

Find out if Toy Story is fact or fiction with a night shift stock assistant job. To cope with demand, many toy shops need people to take night deliveries and stack crates. Although night work pays more than the day rate, these jobs are quite physical – you might need a protein shake in your soup flask.

Pro present wrapper

If you’re a dab hand with sticky tape and bows, you’ll do well as a gift wrapper at a retail store. The role of Christmas store assistant may also involve helping customers, rotating stock and demoing products. Many stores offer sales commissions and staff discounts, so Christmas retail jobs are a great way to pick up gifts too.

Christmas elf jobs

Fancy donning a green hat and pointy shoes to help out Santa? Department stores are your best bet for a job at the grotto. To stand out, think about skills that could clinch one of the most in-demand of temporary Christmas jobs. Are you good with a camera, knowledgeable about set design or able to play a musical instrument?

Santa ground support

To lay the groundwork for Santa’s sleigh, companies need extra delivery drivers to ensure customers get their socks on time. If you have a driving licence in class 1, 2 or 7.5 T and good geographical knowledge, check out driver jobs.

Wish-list sorter

To help get wish lists to Santa and Christmas cards to cousins, postal companies need extra pairs of hands to sort, pack and deliver mail. With full and part-time, indoor and delivery, day and night shifts available, you can work around other commitments and enjoy seasonal rates. Browse all the Post Office Christmas jobs available.

Mince pie chef

The food and drinks industry needs extra kitchen and bar staff to serve jolly customers throughout the party season. Try your local hotels and restaurants to get into the thick of the action with a waiter/waitress job, or to lend your cooking skills in the heat of the kitchen.

Reindeer handler

Before their big day, reindeer warm up on the Christmas market circuit. If you have experience with horses or livestock, you’ll be just the person to help keep the animals relaxed and ready for photo shoots – and in constant supply of carrots.

New gadget whisperer

To help people get to grips with confusing smart speakers and rogue RC toys, companies need extra staff to man the Christmas period’s customer service calls. Seasonal jobs at call centre come in a wide range of shifts and you’ll enjoy festive rates.

Christmas tree surgeon

The living room centrepiece is also a source of Xmas jobs. If you don’t want to be stuck in this December, farmers need a hand chopping down and wrapping Christmas trees. Not feeling the lumberjack vibe? Why not be a Christmas tree decorator helping businesses – and lazy people – prep perfect trees?


Don’t see the job on your wishlist? Browse hundreds of Christmas vacancies on Monster.


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