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Top 5 Career Development Tips

Top 5 Career Development Tips

Career Advancement

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Whether you're looking to move your career up to the next level or make a clean break and try out a whole new career, presenting yourself as the consummate professional will help others see you as you would like to be seen.

Here are the key things you need consider when you're looking to develop your career.

1. Put yourself in line for promotion
Many people take the default position that getting a better job means changing employer, but there are often great opportunities for progression with your existing employer, and not just in the part of the company you currently work in. Find out more.

2. Pick the right moment to move
If you do decide to leave your company, quitting at the wrong time can hit you in the pocket. Leaving just before your big bonus is due is not very sensible, and neither is looking for a new job during periods when your industry is struggling. The more buoyant an industry, the more job vacancies there are.Find out more.

3. Step back to move forward
Much of the negativity associated with taking a step back in your career is psychological. But, earning less now could put you in line for a quicker rise to the top, especially if you move to a company renowned for allowing a fast-track path to management. Find out more.

4. Consider relocation
In some industries, it's not uncommon to find that that the type of job you’re after simply isn't available locally. Alternatively, it may be the case that your company is moving offices. Showing a willingness to relocate demonstrates real commitment and will mark you out from the crowd. Find out more.

5. Make a career change
Many people complain about their work or see it as a necessary evil, but it doesn't need to be that way. If you think you’d rather be somewhere else on a Monday morning, take control and do something positive to change your situation. Find out more.

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