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Teaching assistant CV tips and guidance

When you’re applying for teaching assistant jobs you’ll want to demonstrate that you have the right balance of practical classroom experience and personal attributes that make your support in the classroom invaluable. If you’ve been a Teaching Assistant (TA) for many years, or you are applying for your first job in this area, it is important that your update your CV and make it relevant to each institution you’re applying to.  

Read on for our guidance for formulating an engaging CV that will get you noticed by school hiring managers and open the door to your first interview. To make things easier, you can download our free teaching assistant CV template to help you get started.

Tips for writing a teaching assistant CV

If you’re writing your CV from scratch, or if it’s been a few years since you’ve updated it, take some time to read the tips below before starting out. As an educator, it’s extra important that your CV is structured clearly and that your spelling and grammar are flawless.

Tailor your CV to the individual role and school you are applying to

If you’re applying for teaching assistant roles at more than one school, it’s important to tailor your CV appropriately to each position. This shows the hiring manager that you’ve actively considered the specifics of the role and their school, rather than sending out a generic application to a bunch of employers.

Tailoring your CV for each application need not be a time-consuming process. Grab a pen and paper and take 10 minutes to look through the job description thoroughly, note down a few key things about the position and then think about relevant examples from your experience that match.

For example, one teaching assistant position may require you to manage challenging pupil behaviour, so within your CV ensure you provide examples where you have provided support in a similar environment. You might phrase that something like “Provided one-to-one care and support to a disruptive pupil and worked closely with the teacher to promote positive classroom behaviour.

Also, take a moment to read about the individual school – get a feel for the culture and what they stand for? What do they excel at? Perhaps they put a strong emphasis on sport or music. Think about how you can point to this in your CV. For example, if you enjoy following football or listening to classical music you should mention this in the interests section of your CV.

Focus on your achievements with clear metrics

A highly effective way to get your CV noticed by the school hiring manager is to use metrics while explaining key achievements in your previous positions. Metrics provide the reader with tangible and helpful reference points that can reinforce your suitability for the job.

  • For example, “Successfully provided teacher assistance to a large mathematics class of 36 students from six different countries” or “Supported and guided a core group of four biology students to achieve Grade C in their GCSEs”.

Use examples to bring to life your flexibility and creativity

All teaching assistant roles will require you to bring a high degree of flexibility and creative thinking to your work. To try and convey this in your CV; think about examples from your previous experience where you have had to employ these skills.

Perhaps, you had to stay late one evening to assist with organising and providing input into a parent’s evening, or within your previous job at an elderly care home you planned a quiz night for the residents. Examples such as these will demonstrate to your next employer that you can adapt to change and think on your feet when necessary.

Mention relevant qualifications and training

Qualification and training requirements will vary depending on the school or institution you’re applying to, so ensure you read the job description carefully. It’s important to include all education qualifications such as GCSE maths, science and English, along with any others that can demonstrate your suitability. Health & safety or first aid certifications should certainly be included if you have them.

As you will be working with children, you will need to have a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check in place before you can work as a teaching assistant.

Teaching Assistant CV example

Click here to download our free teaching assistant CV template as Microsoft Word (.doc):


MS doc


Your Name
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~~~~~~~~~~ PERSONAL STATEMENT ~~~~~~~~~~

I am an able and supportive teaching assistant with over five years’ experience working with children of primary school age. I have proven experience of being able to develop effective and successful working relationships with school staff and students. I have a strong understanding of the primary school national curriculum and have tested experience of supporting teachers with lesson planning and classroom activities. I am empathetic and sensitive towards the varied needs of the students I assist, and I am passionate about working towards the collective goal of student independence.


  • Relationship builder with teachers and pupils
  • Excellent team member with strong communication skills   
  • Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning
  • Supportive and patient disposition


~~~~~~~~~~ EMPLOYMENT HISTORY ~~~~~~~~~~

Teaching Assistant

Reading Road Primary School| Epping | www.monster.co.uk


Primary school of c.150 students, provided teaching assistance from reception level to Year 6 across a range of subjects.

  • Supporting the class teacher and individual needs of the students day-to-day
  • Participating in a range of lessons from classroom to games
  • Managing incidents and challenging behaviour


  • Commended by headteacher for the continued progress of four Year 5 pupils in history
  • Asked to attend parents’ evening and provide feedback on individual pupil performance


Treeview Child Centre | Epping | www.monster.co.uk


An after-school centre for c. 60 children from reception age to Year 6

  • Supervised children’s activities
  • Offered literacy and numeracy assistance to students in after school programs


  • Successfully planned group learning activities for children of mixed ages (4-11)
  • Received excellent feedback from parents


~~~~~~~~~~EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS~~~~~~~~~~

Teaching Assistant NVQ Level 2

Epping College

8 GCSEs including Maths (C), Science (C), English (B)

Epping Secondary School



  • Teaching Assistant NVQ Level 2 (2015)
  • Clean UK driving licence
  • Five day intensive First Aid course (2015)



  • Spanish (fluent)
  • Microsoft Office proficient


~~~~~~~~~~PERSONAL INTERESTS~~~~~~~~~~

  • Swimming
  • Playing the Flute
  • Spanish film

Reference available on request

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