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So, you want a job in Finance?

So, you want a job in Finance?

Banking & Finance


You sort of have an inkling that a career in finance has your name written all over it. Luckily the finance industry is a broad sector that has professions in many areas. From accounting jobs to multiple roles in banks that help run the show. We've gathered 4 common areas that exist in the finance sector for further reading. Check back often as we continue to add additional popular roles within finance.


Accountant Jobs Financial Analyst Jobs

Accountancy is a profession which quite literally runs the whole world of business and commerce and underpins any form of monetary transaction.

Job Description

A financial analyst researches macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions along with company fundamentals to make business, sector and industry recommendations.

Job Description

Bank Cashier Jobs Bank Manager Jobs

The cashier’s role has evolved subtly and you might also be trained to recommend particular mortgages or other financial products that your customers might want or need, such as mortgages, insurance, credit cards, business loans etc.

Job Description

As well as managing his allocated branch, a bank manager is also one of the lynchpins of the local business community.


Job Description

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