Show your personality in a CV

Show your personality in a CV

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Let your personality shine through when you're writing your CV, an expert has said.

When you're working on your resume, you may think that you've got to appear completely professional – but in actual fact, showing your character is a good idea, and it doesn't make you look unprofessional.

But make sure you avoid any spelling mistakes, as this will definitely paint you in a bad light, as it shows a lack of attention to detail.

Neil Taylor, language expert at The Writer, said: "Accurate writing alone doesn't make people warm to you, or be persuaded by you, or interested in you."

Mr Taylor said that many people write faultless CVs but they're "too autonomous to tempt anyone to interview them".

"In fact, most people would forgive a few typos in a CV if that person looked interesting enough to meet.

"Spelling and grammar are hygiene factors. Personality makes the difference."


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