Salary Calculator

Salary Calculator

Salary Calculator

Imagine if there was a way of knowing whether you’re being paid the right amount for the work you do each day. This Salary Calculator tool enables you to do just that: simply type in your job title and work location to discover more about the industry rates for your profession. You’ll be given even more detail by adding the number of years’ experience you have. You can also compare your position with other people’s jobs to help you decide whether a career switch is in order.

PayScale surveys are also available: these provide weekly statistics on bonuses, benefits and holidays in a given area of work.

Want to know your worth in the marketplace? Or see how your salary stacks up against other professions? Knowledge is power – having an idea of industry rates will give you an idea of whether you're being paid fairly, and help you plan for the future. Type in your job title and work location below to find the average salary for your area.


Surprised by the Salary Calculator tool results?

  • Before you storm into your boss's office and demand a raise, check you've got an accurate salary calculation.
  • If you don't have an exact match for your job title, select the closest title from the list
  • For a more accurate figure, add the number of years of experience you have in your line of work
  • If there’s not enough data on your location, you’ll be given a UK average. For more detail, try a wider area or type in the nearest city.
  • Using Internet Explorer and can’t type in the field? Discover Salary Calculator Tool or download Firefox Delve deeper.

To explore more, take the PayScale survey for a free report into your job. PayScale has surveyed over 200,000 professionals and refreshes stats weekly for up-to-date data. You’ll see data on average bonuses, benefits and holidays. Discover graphs which reveal the most common job titles – and salaries – open to your career path. You can even find a list of current job vacancies that match your skill set. Keep going

Curious to know more about Salary calculation?

  1. The PayScale survey lets you explore other people's jobs. So, you can compare, say, a Financial Advisor salary with a Stock Broker salary. You can also scan other candidate profiles to see how their experience, skills and professional qualifications compare with yours. That way, you can see what it takes to make the leap. Wondering "what if..."?
  2. You can evaluate a job offer and see how it compares with your current package. You might want to, for example, know how a Software Engineer salary stacks up against a Consultant salary while taking into account average holidays, cost of living and health benefits.
  3. To help see the wider picture, you can create a "What if" scenario. Input the job title you’re interested in, where you want to work and the type of employment you’re looking for.
  4. Your pay snapshot will reveal how much you could be making, benefits and other perks to the role, plus profiles of existing professionals in that job. That way, you can see how salaries compare across industries, the pay gap between public and private sector jobs, as well as the monetary value of work diplomas and other qualifications. Getting what you deserve
  5. Is your salary less than the average for your job and location? Scared to ask for a raise? You’re not alone – 43% of workers who took the survey are in the same position. Of those, 28% avoided negotiating a pay raise because they’re uncomfortable talking about money. 19% don’t want to come across as pushy and 8% fear losing their job. 71% of millennial females are not confident in asking for a pay raise, compared with 61% of males. If that sounds like you, check out PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide for tips on getting what you deserve.

Ready to make a change and plan a new job search? If negotiating is a no-go with your current employer – or you fancy the challenge and benefits of a new role – check out Monster’s job listings, company profiles and extensive career resources. Be 'Monster confident'.