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Salary Calculator

Salary Calculator

Salary Calculator

Imagine if there was a way of knowing whether you’re being paid the right amount for the work you do each day.

This Salary Calculator Tool from Monster's Parent Randstad, powered by Salaryboard, enables you to do just that. Our salary calculator compares over 16 million UK salaries and job profiles in real time, giving you a detailed, accurate report on what you should be getting paid as gross income before any income tax, national insurance and pension deductions. 

Provide some basic information about your job title, location and years of experience and discover more about the industry rates for your profession. You can also compare your position with other people’s jobs to help you decide whether a career switch is in order.Want to know your worth in the marketplace? Or see how your salary stacks up against other professions? Knowledge is power – having an idea of industry rates will give you an idea of whether you're being paid fairly, and help you plan for the future. 


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Surprised by the Salary Calculator tool results?

  • Is your salary less than the average for your job and location?

  • 43% of workers are Scared to ask for a raise
  • 28% avoid negotiating a pay raise because they’re uncomfortable talking about money
  • 19% don’t want to come across as pushy
  • 8% fear losing their job.
  • 71% of millennial females are not confident in asking for a pay raise, compared with 61% of males.

Ready to make a change and plan a new job search? If negotiating is a no-go with your current employer – or you fancy the challenge and benefits of a new role – check out Monster’s job listings, company profiles and extensive career resources

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