The remote jobs you can do anywhere in the world

The remote jobs you can do anywhere in the world

If you’re someone that loves to travel, a full-time desk job can get in the way. But times are changing, and there are now certain jobs you can do remotely – meaning you can explore the globe without quitting your job. With recent research revealing that 50% of people are leaving their jobs to travel, employers are getting on board with letting more workers do their jobs remotely. Here are the best jobs you can do from anywhere in the world.


1. Graphic Designer


Every aspect of a graphic designer is done from behind a screen, yet becoming a graphic designer is not a skill that can be mastered overnight. However, if you’re someone that always creates work  of the highest standards, many companies won’t mind where in the world you do your work. In order to do remote working, you’ll need solid proof of your creativity in the form of a portfolio, especially if you are freelancing. You can find a range of graphic design jobs on the Monster website here.


2. Data Analyst


While this may not sound like the most exciting job title, it can be done from pretty much anywhere in the world. You will need an understanding of how to use Excel and other software such as SPSS, as well as strong organisational skills and a solid internet connection. Although this type of work can often be intense, the clear upside is that after a hard day you can relax on the beach sipping a cocktail! Use this link to find currently available jobs as a data analyst.


3. Online English Tutor


To teach English abroad you usually have to go and live in a different country anyway, but by becoming an online tutor you can be in the country of your choice white teaching to someone in a different country entirely. Teaching English online has become very popular and each company has different prerequisites e.g. minimum bachelor’s degree or minimum of seven hours of teaching a week. This still allows you plenty of time to travel or explore your new home – wherever that may be! Find a range of online teaching opportunities on the Monster website here.


4. Social Media Marketing


If you can never get off Instagram, constantly scrolling Twitter and understand the importance of ‘going viral’ then social media marketing could be the job for you. There are hundreds if not thousands of companies out there who are looking for people to help manage their content. For many companies keeping their social media pages up to date with new relevant information is something they often neglect. This is a perfect job that can be done anywhere and doesn’t require that much prior technical knowledge. Find the best social media marketing roles with Monster here.


5. Web Developer


Whether you build websites, apps or computer games everything you need is on your computer. Web development involves very little face-to-face or client interaction, so it doesn’t really matter whether you’re working in Paris or Thailand. These kinds of jobs are generally pretty well paid due to the technical expertise – so for someone who wants to have the money to travel a lot, it’s the ideal career choice. Here are a range of Web Developer jobs you can do from anywhere.


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