Job Description: Record Management Clerk

Job Description: Record Management Clerk


As you would expect, adminsitration covers a wide ranging number of information handling disciplines. Ultimately, in whatever role you choose, you are providing the administrative support that enables specialised workers to function effectively.

One such role is a highly specialised function called records management. A records management clerk  helps to identify, arrange and maintain company records almost always for legal purposes and the purposes of risk management.

You may also be involved in designing systems and maintaining archives.Think of patents filing and the meticulous need to keep records to meet claims and court cases, for example.

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Is it for you?
A records management career involves a lot of organisation and attention to detail, and you need to have that particular mind set. Records storage and retrieval is vital to those organisations which need to or have been  paid to, make such infomration available to courts, lawyers, memebers of the public and even politicans when necessary.

Providing the wrong information (records), losing something or forgetting where it’s stored is not an option in a hard-nosed business environment. You’ll be working in teams and have a flair for making your managment system work effectively and efficiently.


Qualifications and Skills
Record managers keep track of all of a company's information, including electronic records, paper records, web content, and information stored on databases.

As well as a good knowledge of how storage systems work you’ll almost certainly need to have good computer skills and experience of records managment system, perhaps learnt at a basic level and working your way up. While there is no specific education requirement for records management clerks, a university degree is an asset, and there are specific records management qualifications.  

Many people come into records management from disciplines such as scientific research, financial and retail management and the civil service. There are programmes in records and archives management, accredited by the Archives and Records Association, and available at selected Universities.

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Opportunities and salaries
In this increasingly complex world, and where accountability is paramount, records managment is a vital part of any organisations operations. It ranges across the public and private sectors, from charities to corporates and governments to public bodies.

In other words, the opportunities are considerable and growing. Factor in the records managment systems for bodies such as the European Court of Human Rights and Worldwide Patenting and all the affiliated organisations and you can see how the requirements are considerable.

You’ll probably start on salaries from between £13 to £15k in an archiving role and as you gain experience – and qualification – as a senior records clerk in the public sector you can expect a salary of between £35-£40k, In a large global corporation, or a financial institution this can increase dramatically to upwards of £60K

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