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Monster Is Ready for Its Close Up….on TV!

You know how special you are. And Monster knows too.

You can’t pull the fluffy, purple wool over Monster’s eyes. 

Monster even knows that you know how special you are. 

Monster knows, that you know, that Monster knows, how special you are…..

Our new TV campaign launches on May 1st, alongside huge, purple chunks of VoD (Video on Demand) and social activity.

We’ll be talking to millions of seasoned jobseekers and plenty of people who have never visited a job site before (a monstrous 40 million in fact).

Monster has eyes everywhere... 

Monster Reach

Monster will be unleashed across a nationwide TV campaign on channels such as ITV, Sky and Channel 4, with Monster seen hunting the best jobs and talent in two new creatives – ‘SNIFF’ and ‘TELEPATHY’.


Monster will not stop until you get the job and talent you deserve, so will also be appearing across catch up (VOD), digital and social – reaching over 40m people in the UK.


Social Syncing

Monster knows 90% of TV viewers are second-screening on mobile or tablet devices, so will target second screens on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during our TV spots for maximum impact.

This will provide the campaign with another impactful element as well as increase engagement rates for all social activity as Monster will be top of mind for any viewer that recently seen a TV spot.

All this activity will be supported by our ongoing search PPC, digital display and programmatic activity.

Get what you deserve with Monster in your corner.

Remember Monster knows what you deserve and will do everything in its power to get it for you.

Find the job and talent you deserve.





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