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KPMG to recruit 75,000 graduate finance jobs

KPMG to recruit 75,000 graduate finance jobs

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Job cuts? What job cuts?

KPMG, the finance and professional service group, is to hire 75,000 graduates across the globe over the next three years as part of a massive recruitment drive.

And what's more, up to 3,000 of the positions will be graduate finance jobs in London and other major UK cities.

Graduate roles will be available for people interested in auditing, tax, and general financial services.

"While KPMG's firms plan to hire a large number of new graduate employees, it’s important to note that our focus is about more than simply high volumes – it’s about recruiting top talent to drive our growth now and into the future," said Iain McLaughlin, head of recruitment at KPMG in the UK.

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