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Keep your skills up-to-date in the IT industry

Keep your skills up-to-date in the IT industry

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In our forward-thinking age, we know that the IT industry is growing and this means that there are opportunities for those with the right qualifications.

But how can graduates make sure that their qualifications stay up-to-date?

Recently, Ruth Spellman from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) said that improving your skills regularly is a great way to move up the career ladder and show an employer you are committed to the job.

So if you've just secured a job in IT, take note of the advice from Peter Wood, a member of the ISACA conference committee, who said that employers are "quite conservative" when it comes to qualifications.

"If I'm looking from an employer's point of view when I'm recruiting staff, CISA and CISM and CISSP [Certified Information Systems Security Professional] are the standard for security as far as industry-orientated qualifications are concerned.

"In the more general IT world it still tends to be quite specialised. For cyber security you've also got all the Cisco and Windows qualifications and so on – those then become very technically specific rather than a general skill set."

So there's plenty to keep you going – as even through you've found a job, the hard work doesn't end there.  


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