IT Project Manager CV template

IT Project Manager CV template

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When you’re applying for IT project manager roles, you need to be able to demonstrate a wide range of technical and interpersonal skills. You also need to convey the complexity of the projects you’ve completed – no easy task in just a few sentences. What’s more, your CV needs to show you’ve got technical knowledge without getting bogged down in jargon that’ll confuse non-technical hiring managers.

To help you make your IT CV clear, comprehensive and easy to understand, we’ve put together some suggestions to help you stand out. Follow these tips and you’ll have invites to interviews for IT jobs landing in your inbox in no time.

How to Write an Information Technology (IT) CV

Here are our tips for writing a curriculum vitae for IT professionals in the project management space.

IT project management job personal statement

A personal statement makes for a good intro to a project management CV, as long as you keep it short and to the point – within the region of a hundred words or so. You should provide a brief overview of your career trajectory. For example: "increasing levels of responsibility over my career have led me to more senior IT project management roles.”

Read the job description again and draw out a couple of specific skills or experiences tied specifically to this job. For instance, if knowledge of cybersecurity protocols is key to the role, mention your expertise in that area. This is all about giving the hiring manager reasons to keep reading your CV by assuring them that you have the relevant skills and knowledge.


Focus on specific project achievements

A common CV pitfall is simply listing job responsibilities. It’s better to highlight tangible achievements where possible. Just because you were tasked with project management doesn’t mean you were any good at it, but if you can point to the successful roll-out of a multi-million-pound systems integration, that’s concrete evidence you can do the job better than others.

It’s essential to go into specifics here. For instance, if you delivered on time and under budget, mention exact figures – describe how a recent project cost £4,000 less than forecast or that a new intranet you deployed boosted organisational productivity by 10%.

It’s these specific details that will really make your CV stand out.


Show your project management-specific knowledge

Recruiters are looking for evidence in your CV that you know about project management best practice – so make sure this comes through loud and clear. In most IT project management roles, you’d be expected to have at least an undergraduate degree in a computer science topic, but hiring managers will normally expect more.

Do you have any recent project management-related certificates, such as PRINCE2? Have you completed any additional training programmes related to new project management techniques such as Scrum or Extreme Programming? Being able to show you’re up to date and in-tune with what’s going on in the industry is so important for convincing employers that you’re the right choice.


Balance jargon and readability

Remember that not everyone who reads your CV will know the difference between C++ and C#. In many organisations, the first person who sees your CV will be a junior hiring manager whose job it is to skim through a dozen or more applications. If your CV is incomprehensible, they may well put you at the bottom of the pile.

A good rule of thumb is to use jargon where appropriate but offer bite-size explanations alongside. Rather than simply referencing C++, describe it as “programming language C++”. When using acronyms, write out the full term in brackets the first time you use it e.g. DoS (Denial-of-Service).


IT CV structure for Project Manager Role

Click here to download our free IT CV template as Microsoft Word (.doc):

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Your Name
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~~~~~~~~~~ PERSONAL STATEMENT ~~~~~~~~~~

With over 15 years’ experience in IT project management, progressing to roles with increasing responsibility, I am now ready to step up my career to the next level. Having managed teams of up to 20 programmers (both in-house and remotely), I have developed the project, cost and resource management skills to bring complex projects to fruition.

I have developed a special interest in cloud migration projects and have helped both large and small organisations move their SAP and Microsoft stacks from on-premises to the cloud. I hope to advance my career in this complex and fascinating field.


  • Confidence with a range of project management methods including Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban and more
  • Knowledge of Microsoft and SAP
  • Competent with a wide range of programming languages
  • Team management skills

~~~~~~~~~~ EMPLOYMENT HISTORY ~~~~~~~~~~

IT Project Manager

Telecommunicado Ltd | Birmingham |

Major global telecoms firm based in the Birmingham area with £650m turnover.

  • Manage a team of 60 employees in the UK and India, as well as contractors
  • Was hired to manage the large-scale migration of the organisation’s entire content from on-premises servers to a Microsoft Azure cloud environment


  • Achieved the entire migration project within 24 months, which was 6 months faster than originally planned
  • Minimal downtime during the migration – overall less than 24 hours of downtime was experienced across the organisation during the project


Assistant Project Manager

Photo De Moto PLC | Birmingham |


Leading national photo printing store with over 300 branches.

  • Contracted to migrate from local Lotus Notes email server to Microsoft Outlook online


  • Achieved rapid migration from Lotus Notes to Outlook (in less than 1 month)
  • Ensured back up of all emails to ensure safe migration
  • Post-migration survey revealed staff were 90% happier with their new email environment


IT Technician

International Mobilites | Birmingham |

Regional logistics business in the Birmingham area.

  • Graduate IT role which evolved into a project management position


  • Relocated the network and office equipment including phone services resulting in a 50% cost reduction
  • Provided database training in the company’s UK Head Office for all the sales teams helping towards a 35% increase in company profits
  • Managed a range of new IT rollout projects

~~~~~~~~~~EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS~~~~~~~~~~

BSc Computer Science (2:1)
University of Birmingham

A-Levels: ICT (B), Maths (C), Biology (B)
Washwood Heath Technology College

10 GCSEs including Maths (A), Business Studies (B), ICT (C)
Bournville School Secondary School


  • PRINCE2 Certified (2015)
  • Project Management training (PMP) certification (2013)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) (2011)

MEMBERSHIPS: Association for Project Management (APM)



●  JavaScript (expert) ● C++ (advanced) ● Git ● Gulp ● WordPress, Umbraco and Magento CMSes


~~~~~~~~~~PERSONAL INTERESTS~~~~~~~~~~

●  Web Design ● Shopping ● Traveling ● Reading ● Football ● Table Tennis

Reference available on request