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How can I overcome career boredom?

How can I overcome career boredom?

Making a Career Change

It’s natural that if you’re doing the same thing day-after-day, week after week, month after month, etc that there’s going to come a time when you’ll experience boredom in your job. If you're lucky, this occurs infrequently and the feeling can be alleviated by improving your work-life balance or trying to find a way of making what you do more interesting.

However, for many people, career boredom strikes more frequently and lasts much longer than a few weeks.

There are plenty of things you can do to try and improve the situation, before it gets beyond repair.

The human brain needs constant and ever-changing stimulation - once it has mastered a task or concept, and it wants to move on, which is why you’re probably not still working out which whole the square peg fits into.

If you feel you’ve learnt all you possibly can about your current role then maybe it’s time to take an alternative path. However, if you think there’s some areas in which you could do with improving, then taking some training courses might reignite your passion. If you discover new skills that compliment those you already have, you could flourish in your job and move on to bigger and better things.

Having an informal chat with your boss is often the best place to start as they may have some ideas on how to change the way you’re feeling. Maybe there are some flexible working opportunities you didn’t know were available of perhaps there are some alternative responsibilities you could take on

Employers love people who show some initiative so why not come up with a project you can deliver that will benefit the business? Not only will this show them your entrepreneurial approach, but it will also let you focus on something you can get your teeth into. Just think how good it would look on your CV if the project is a big success.

Another way of overcoming career boredom is to change how you use your career expertise. Rather than having to learn a whole new skill, you could try passing on your knowledge to others by writing a book, giving lectures, volunteering, consulting or even going into full-time teaching

The internet has given everyone the opportunity of becoming a fountain of knowledge in their area of expertise and starting a blog or answering people’s questions on forums are ideal ways of reminding yourself just how much you know and why you chose your career path in the first place.

Of course making a total change in career is an option, but it should only be considered once you have discovered why you’re feeling the way you are and taken some steps to redress the situation. You don’t want to go through the often difficult process of changing career only to find yourself in the same situation six months down the line.

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