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How can I become well known in my industry?

How can I become well known in my industry?

Career Advancement

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Getting a great job isn’t always a case of going looking for it; if you're a big name then people will come knocking on your door. Becoming a “known-entity” in your industry sector can be achieved faster than ever before.

Think ‘Me’
Because of the vast growth in media interest in every walk of life including politics, business, IT, HR, etc, putting yourself out there is no longer an impossible task.

This giant growth of media, where once news just meant press and TV, now includes the web and social/business networking sites, which have become a phenomenal success in taking the everyman to new heights that a few years ago would have been a lingering dream.

The creative industries
Firstly, whatever industry you are in you need to be doing something special or breaking new ground.

Creative industries are an obvious example of how you can make a name for yourself. In these industries if you win a prestigious award – and keep on winning them – you become known.

So, if you are in advertising, or you are an architect, or a fashion designer, there are always awards and plenty of willing press coverage to promote your name.

The less creative industries
If you are not in a so called ‘creative’ industry, the route is less obvious, but the same rules apply.

Let’s say you have found a way to save your company a serious amount of money – a way that no-one else spotted. This instantly becomes newsworthy – both inside and outside your industry – and you can use this to leverage your career.

You simply write your achievements up and post them to the appropriate media within your industry on a regular basis.

This could mean posting your achievement to a website or uploading your story to various ‘trade’ journals, whose editors will print your story. The more adept you get at doing this, the more various media will be likely to take your stories and use them.

If you are confident enough – and willing to pay - you can even employ a PR consultant, or an agency, to do the job for you.

Create a Blog
Sign up to an existing blog platform such as Blogspot or Wordpress for example and post your own views and opinions. The more people read you, the more ‘nameworthy’ you become

You still need to promote your blog by exchanging views with other blog sites or even advertising your blog site – but the amount of time and money you dedicate to this is purely up to you.

Becoming an ‘industry’ spokesperson
Finally, your name can really be highlighted by becoming an industry spokesperson.

If you have something to say about your industry – and your conclusions are generally accepted, you can gradually position yourself as a voice of authority for your industry. This can be started up by sending and uploading press releases, with your opinions, creating a constant dialogue with editors of trade journals, networking and speaking at high profile industry events.

Many now famous people have used this route – eventually becoming so successful at simply talking that they end up not even having to do the jobs they talk about. In short, no matter whether you are a marketer or a self employed doll-maker, you can become a name by doing something different, special, new, unusual – or simply just being massively successful.


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